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13 Beautiful Bouquet Wrap Ideas

Put the perfect finishing touch on your dream bouquet with any of these gorgeous bouquet wrap ideas!

bright coral summer bouquet

bright coral summer bouquet

Photo: Stephanie Barnes Photography

From colorful ribbons to elegant lace, there are plenty of options when it comes to dressing up the stems of your wedding bouquet.

Put the perfect finishing touch on your dream bouquet with any of these gorgeous ideas!

white bouquet with vintage lace wrap and brooch

Photo: Jen Harvey Photography

Top off a vintage-style bouquet with a lovely strip of lace.

white peony bouquet with crystal embellishment

Photo: Smith Studios Photography

Get fancy and formal with a cuff of sparkling crystals.

jewel tone fall bouquet with long ribbons

Photo: Willow Noavi Photography

Colorful ribbons
Leave the ribbons long and loose so they blow in the breeze.

classic bouquet with vintage buttons and lace

Photo: Sarah Murray Photography

Repurpose the buttons from a loved one's wedding dress, or use individual buttons grouped together for a whimsical effect.

winter bridesmaid bouquet with satin bow

Photo: Pepper Nix Photography

Satin bow
Dress up your blooms with colorful ribbon for a look that's flirty, feminine and romantic.

bright summer bouquet with striped ribbons

Photo: Stephanie Barnes Photography

Swathe your stems in a perky pattern like stripes, polka dots, or plaid for a distinctive look.

classic spring bouquet with monogrammed ribbon

Photo: Riverland Studios

Add an extra-personal touch with embroidered initials.

rustic succulent bouquet with twine

Photo: Ivonne Carlton Photography

Lucky charm
Tuck a token of good luck into your bouquet wrap to indulge your superstitious side.

classic bouquet for vineyard wedding

Photo: The Harris Company, Photo and Cinema

Rustic grapevine is perfect if you're getting married at a winery or vineyard.

rustic yellow and green bouquet with burlap

Photo: Rad Red Creative

Use this organic, earthy fabric to pretty up a rustic-style bouquet.

bridesmaid bouquet with vintage handkerchief

Photo: Kelly Hornberger Photography

Add a handkerchief to your bouquet wrap to have in case of happy tears.

 white rose bouquet with family photo charm

Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography

Honor your family history with a photograph, a vintage cameo, a brooch, or another bauble of sentimental value.

colorful bouquet with sequin wrap

Photo: Artsinfotos Photography

Fabric scrap
Match your bouquet to your dress by repurposing any fabric that's removed during alterations.