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8 Unconventional Bouquet Ideas

Check out these fabulous flower alternatives.

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greenery bridesmaid bouquets

greenery bridesmaid bouquets

Photo: Studio 127

A beautiful wedding day bouquet doesn’t have to consist of traditional blooms. Whether you’re looking to maximize your budget or just want something a little bit different, there are plenty of great non-floral options to include.

blue paper bouquet

Photo: Nichole Meredith Photography

Craft faux blooms using pretty colored card stock, tissue paper, or even newspaper, depending on the look and feel you’d like to achieve.

balsa wood bouquet

Photo: Andrejka Photography

Balsa Wood
Balsa wood is a durable material that can be fashioned into flowers. It also will never wilt or die, so it makes a great keepsake.

feather bouquet

Photo: Lauren Brown Photography

Feathers are quite versatile—they can be used in glamorous, lavish bouquets or in more rustic, boho-chic arrangements.

seashell bouquet

Photo: Zenobia Photography Studios

Can you believe this bouquet is made of seashells? What a fun idea for a beach or nautical-themed wedding!

brooch bouquet

Photo: Jaimie Nicole Krause

A bejeweled bouquet is a perfect choice for a wedding with a vintage glam feel. It’s also great way to incorporate family heirlooms into your special day!

boho bridesmaids with greenery bouquets

Photo: Studio 127

Fashion a bouquet from plants, leaves, or lettuces for an offbeat, eco-friendly wedding.

artichoke and cabbage bridal bouquet

Photo: Molly Joseph Photography

If you're getting married on a farm, an abundant bouquet featuring fruits and veggies can add to the rustic, natural theme. This arrangement features artichokes, cabbage, and berries, but you can add your favorite produce, too—just make sure they're hardy enough not to wilt or rot!

branch bouquet

Photo: Lissa Anglin Photography

Twigs and branches lend a natural, yet modern and architectural vibe to a rustic bouquet.

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