cathedral veil
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One of the final touches when completing your bridal look is picking out a veil. There are many different lengths and styles to consider before you commit! From short and sweet veils to long and flowy ones, we've put together a guide so you’ve got all the info you need prior to adding that final touch to your wedding day look.

Here's everything you need to know about wedding veil lengths and veil styles.

Veil Lengths

Blusher length veil
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Blusher Length Veil

What it is: A short, thin piece of fabric that covers the bride's face and stops at the shoulders. The veil should be flipped back just before the first kiss.

Works best with: A traditional and classic bridal look.

elbow length veil
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Elbow Length Veil

What is it: A veil that falls between the shoulders and the elbows. When worn high on top of the head, it looks retro and mod, à la 1960s style.

Works best with: A classic and simple, no-fuss bridal look.

fingertip length veil
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Fingertip Length Veil

What it is: A mid-length veil that falls around the lower part of a bride's waist (at her fingertips when her arms are by her side).

Works best with: A flirty and playful bridal style. It also goes well with updos, since you can easily clip the veil to the underside of a chignon or similar hairstyle.

ballet length veil
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Ballet Length Veil

What is it: A veil that falls around the back of the bride’s knees.

Works best with: A romantic and ethereal bridal look. Sometimes it features multiple tiers of fabric, creating a softer look.

chapel length veil
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Chapel Length Veil

What is it: A veil that drapes all the way to the floor and and spreads out just a few inches behind the bride’s dress.

Works best with: A formal and traditional bridal look. The veil will often contain intricate embroidery.

cathedral length veil
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Cathedral Length Veil

What is it: One of the longest veil styles available, often extending far behind the bride and requiring assistance to spread out and straighten.

Works best with: A glam wedding dress with a long train and other dramatic features.

Veil Styles

birdcage veil
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Birdcage Veil

What is it: A short veil that can cover just the bride’s forehead or all the way down to her chin, usually made out of Russian netting.

Works best with: A vintage bridal look, specifically a lace gown.

Juliet cap veil
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Juliet Cap Veil

What is it: A veil that is wrapped around the top of the head or forehead, creating a cap-like appearance.

Works best with: A vintage theme, especially an Art Deco or Great Gatsby style wedding.

Mantilla veil
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Mantilla Veil

What is it: A single-layer veil trimmed with lace around the edge. It's traditionally worn flat on top of the head (about two inches back from the hairline) and should drape over the shoulders.

Works best with: Down or low hairstyles for brides who want a timeless, elegant look.

indian bride with veil
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What is it: A long veil traditionally worn by Indian women to cover the head and/or shoulders. This style is usually adorned with delicate beading and embroidery, and is made in bright colors.

Works best with: Formal attire, such as saris and lehengas, for an Indian or Hindu wedding. It is typically paired with gold hair accessories and jewelry for an especially fancy look.