Find Upcoming Wedding Events

Now that you are officially in the planning process, it's time to start attending bridal shows. At we understand that the best way to explore your options is through hands on interaction and face to face introductions. That is why we highly recommend attending any and all bridal shows and wedding events that you possibly can.

The best way to learn to swim is by jumping in the water and a bridal expo is an ocean of wedding choices. Bridal events typically showcase vendors from every conceivable wedding niche. From wedding planners, to caterers, DJ's to Photographers, limo drivers, florists, reception venues, dress makers, and of course wedding cake bakers. If you are not even sure what all you need to know, one thing we can say for sure a wedding expo is the way to go.

At we believe that bridal shows are an absolute must to find vendors that you will be able to trust. That is why we track virtually every wedding expo in the nation whether you're getting married near home or on vacation. Simply enter your zip code to find a calendar of bridal shows near you.

One invaluable tip for attending bridal shows is to bring a calendar and notebook. At most bridal shows you will meet several interesting vendors from each specialty. Make a list page for each type of vendor and rate them throughout the day. Otherwise by the end of the day everything will blend together and you won't be much better off than when you started. If you find any vendors that you particularly click with, just put an appointment on the calendar right then and there.

Bridal shows can be a fantastic and highly productive use of time. However, when attending bridal shows if you lack organization you will be left a bit confused and perhaps in frustration. But if you capitalize on the experience, not only will it be fun but it will really help you get things done.