tablescape showing winter wedding colors with red taper candles, bowls of green grapes, white, dishes, and dark burgundy flowers

The winter months are statistically the least popular time of year to get married, but in reality, winter weddings are seriously underrated. The entire season is filled with a sense of enchantment and magic (especially when it snows), and the celebratory spirit around the holidays can bring an added sense of togetherness to your big day. If you're getting married between November and March, choosing the right winter wedding colors will be an important part of your planning process. Whether you're envisioning a holiday-themed wedding or looking for alternative decor inspiration, we've hand-picked some of our favorite winter wedding color palettes to get you started. 

What are good colors for a winter wedding?

Seasonal colors, such as red, burgundy, emerald green, and navy blue are some of the most popular winter wedding colors—and for good reason. Whether you pick one of these colors or use a combination of several, the darker jewel tones will add richness and glamour to your winter wedding decor. Metallic gold and silver are also extremely fitting for a winter wedding, since they add an element of shimmer that’s both festive and romantic.

How do you decorate for a winter wedding? 

There are the obvious ways to decorate a winter wedding, such as a Christmas wedding theme or winter wonderland-inspired decor. But if seasonal decorations aren’t quite what you had in mind, there are plenty of other options—Old Hollywood glam, classic black tie, or even a rustic woodland theme, will all work for winter events, just to name a few. If you’re having trouble choosing a winter wedding theme, start by thinking about which colors you like. If you’re gravitating toward a metallic color palette, consider a Gatsby-themed wedding. For pinks, reds, or purples, go all out with a sultry, romantic theme complete with twinkling candles and string lights.

Winter Wedding Color Ideas

Visual inspiration is a great starting point when choosing your color palette. These winter wedding colors will help you narrow down the theme and decor for your special day.  

stack of plaid fleece blankets next to chalkboard wedding sign that reads
Tahoe Rustic Rentals

Emerald and navy blue

This wintry duo works for both traditional and rustic wedding themes. An easy way to incorporate it? Plaid and flannel textiles, like these cozy throw blankets as wedding favors pictured above. 

silver and white winter wedding colors on wedding invitation suite
Always Yours Events

White and gray

Perfect for a modern minimalistic vibe, a white and gray color palette will give your wedding day a streamlined, ultra-chic aesthetic. Use a variety of textures in your wedding stationery and decor, like raw silk, velvet, vellum, or faux fur, to give this color palette some dimension and depth. 

bride stands with bridesmaids wearing dresses in various winter wedding colors—fuchsia, burgundy, and purple
Nadya Vysotskaya Photography

Berry pinks

An assortment of berry-inspired colors (fuchsia, plum, raspberry) is one of the best winter wedding color combinations if you're getting married on the cusp of seasons changing—i.e. late fall or early spring. This rich palette is fun and romantic at the same time, and it works for a variety of wedding venues.  

winter wedding colors - close-up of gold and white silverware at a table setting with a black menu on the plate
Fête & Quill

Black, white, and gold

What could be more timeless? Depending on how you style it, this color combo can be whatever you want it to be, whether your style is classic, modern, or edgy. Add pale mauve or lavender as a fourth accent color to soften the overall vibe. 

wedding invitation with holographic words in winter wedding colors like pastel pink and metallic gold
Idieh Design

Soft holographics

Holographic colors are on track to be one of the next big decor trends. Pair pastel hues like blush, lilac, and butter yellow with iridescent accents for a whimsical, celestial effect. 

groom sitting on a staircase outdoors wearing winter wedding colors dark plum tuxedo jacket with black dress pants and patent leather shoes
Stephanie Axtell Photography & Videography

Plum and black

Burgundy is one of the most popular winter wedding colors, but plum purple is an extremely stylish alternative if you're looking for something that's a bit more unexpected. Rocking a tuxedo on the big day? Try a plum-hued jacket with black lapels to nail a fashion-forward look.  

a pair of light blue satin shoes are turned on their side and photographed from above with a perfume bottle and ribbon also pictured
Abigail Jill Film & Photography

Silver and light blue

For an airy, winter wonderland vibe, silver and light blue are an excellent duo. They'll bring a classic-meets-contemporary feel to your wedding decor. 

wedding invitation suite featuring winter wedding colors including dark gray envelope photographed on a piece of pale orange fabric
Fête & Quill

Charcoal and apricot orange

We're loving this color palette that's somehow elegant and cozy at the same time. A barely-there apricot orange hue rounds out dark black and charcoal gray details. 

textured buttercream wedding cake decorated with abstract streaks of red, pink, and other winter wedding colors

Red and pink

How sweet would these colors be for a Valentine's Day wedding? Use different shades of red and pink for a Cupid-approved big day. 

Black bride wears fitted wedding dress and holds a white and green bouquet while standing in front of a neon sign that reads
Victoria Gold PhotographyWillow & Wine

All white

An all-white wedding is reminiscent of chilly winter temps — or maybe a snow-covered landscape. Either way, this monochromatic palette is modern, clean, uncomplicated, and surprisingly luxurious. But don't confuse that with being boring! By using only white tones for your winter wedding colors, you can focus on incorporating lots of different textures so that the colors don't fall flat. Combine different fabrics, plants, and greenery to add dimension. 

closeup of hexagonal-shaped cookies with swirled gray and white frosting and
McLain's Market


When used as accents, metallic wedding colors can instantly elevate your decor. But with a palette comprised entirely of metallics, you'll create an ultra-festive setting. Pair metallic gold and silver with dramatic black for a New Year's Eve wedding. 

Lieb Photographic LLC
Lieb Photographic LLC

Maroon and brass

If you love antiques you're you're having a vintage wedding theme, try a maroon and brass color palette. We envision this luxe color combo accented by lots of mercury glass vessels, mirrors, candles, and upholstered seating.  

Proper Letter
Proper Letter

Purple, gray, and green

Looking for non-traditional winter wedding colors? We think you'll love this stylish trio. A color palette of purple, gray, and green is earthy and a bit bohemian, especially when you incorporate fresh berries, pampas grass and greenery, and handmade paper. 

pink bow wedding shoes and green velvet ring box
Aurora Photography

Mauve and jade

This sweet wedding color palette is a winterized version of the popular blush and eucalyptus combination that is everywhere come spring and summer. By using slightly darker tones—mauve instead of blush and jade green instead of eucalyptus—these colors feel less springtime soirée and more winter romance. Add hints of rose gold for warmth and shimmer.

winter wedding invitations white red and gold
The Lodge at Mound Creek

Red and white

Name a more iconic winter wedding duo, we'll wait. Red and white are perhaps the most classic winter wedding colors of all time, and for good reason. They're synonymous with the holiday season and will instantly bring a sense of wintry cheer to your wedding decor.

The trick to using these colors in a tasteful way is keeping the actual holiday decor to a minimum (save the reindeer, snowflakes, and Santa figurines for another day!). The colors alone will be enough to give your wedding all the Christmas-y vibes. Plaids, fresh evergreens, and metallic accents are all excellent decor pieces for this type of palette. 

Hands On Sweets
Hands On Sweets

Green, white, and gold

For a wedding that's glimmering and gleaming, dress your venue in colors of green, white, and gold. This effortless winter wedding color palette is one of the most timeless options for your big day. 

vintage wedding decor green velvet chair with candles
Wood Violet Events Styling

Moss and olive green

We love these muted winter wedding colors. Moss and olive green fit into a wintry aesthetic without being over-the-top seasonal. These colors are also ideal if you're going for an Old World wedding theme, since they pair beautifully with candle decor, antiques, and dark wood pieces. 

Batter Up Cakery
Batter Up Cakery

Dark purple and pewter

Dark purple and pewter will bring the wow factor to a glamorous event. Purple is a naturally regal color, and it becomes even more opulent when you pair it with shimmering silver tones and sequins.

copper and gray wedding colors
Dewitt for Love Photography

Cream, gray, and copper

This almost-neutral palette works for a variety of wedding styles, whether you're hosting an upscale ballroom event or a rustic barn wedding. 

2tarts Bakery
2tarts Bakery

Ivory, blush, and green

This is similar to an all-white palette, but not quite as stark. Achieve an aesthetic that's soft and romantic by pairing blush and various shades of green with white and ivory tones. 

The Venue on Washington
The Venue on Washington

Red and brown

Red and brown are a go-to color combination for a rustic winter wedding, a Christmas-themed wedding, or a romantic Valentine's Day fête. When using these colors, add hints of white or cream to keep your palette from feeling too dark. 

Brianne McMullan Events
Brianne McMullan Events

Dusty blue and sage green

Pastel blues and greens are traditionally associated with spring wedding color palettes, but when you pair them with darker colors—like navy blue and rust—they instantly feel winter-appropriate.

The Wildflowers
The Wildflowers

Moody colors

Feeling a bit edgy and bold? Moody wedding colors are the answer. Dark colors, such as burgundy, plum purple, and black will bring a sense of drama and mystery to your big day. The end result is hauntingly beautiful—and a little bit gothic

drip wedding cake decorated with caramel icing and flowers
Wedding Cakes for You

Blush and caramel

Serve up all the cozy hygge vibes at your wedding with a blush and caramel color palette. A few ways you can incorporate this warm brown hue into your big day: wood plate chargers, dyed silk bouquet ribbons, a faux fur wrap, upholstered rental furniture, and a drip cake.  

Celeste Hernandez Photography
Celeste Hernandez Photography

Navy and white

Put a twist on the classic black and white combo by opting for navy blue and white instead. These sophisticated winter wedding colors are a stylish choice if you're hosting a black tie or formal event.