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What Your Favorite Instagram Brand Says About Your Wedding Style

As if you needed another excuse to check Instagram, now you can use it to figure out your wedding style (genius, we know).

Glossier, Mejuri, Magnolia
Glossier, Mejuri, Magnolia

Glossier, Mejuri, Magnolia
Glossier, Mejuri, Magnolia

If you're having trouble choosing a wedding style, there's one hack that can help you cut right to the chase. All you have to do is take a closer look at what you already gravitate to in everyday life—a.k.a your trusty social media feeds. Chances are that you spend a decent amount of time each day scrolling through Instagram, and even though it's easy to go overboard with all that social media inspiration, we have to admit that it does come in handy when you're planning your wedding. When you start paying attention to the posts you like, save, or share with friends, you'll begin noticing patterns before you know it! Instagram is a hotbed of aesthetically pleasing brands—wedding-related or not—that can provide you with unexpected decor ideas, color palettes, and fashionable looks for your big day. To show you just how easy it is, we picked a handful of Instagram brands that are known for their perfectly curated, color-coordinated feeds and used them to inspire specific themes you can try for your wedding. 

Did your favorite Instagram brand make the cut? See what it says about your wedding style below. 

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A post shared by Glossier (@glossier) on


The theme: Modern romance 

The colors: Blush, lavender, white

The flowers: Garden roses, white tulips, blushing bride proteas

The details: Blush pink is a wedding color that will never go out of style, but you’re all about giving this classically romantic hue a modern, airy spin. By adding trending elements like neon signs, acrylic furniture, baby’s breath clouds, wire grid backdrops, and pressed flower accents to your wedding decor, you’ll achieve an aesthetic that’s feminine and fresh.

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A post shared by Outdoor Voices (@outdoorvoices) on

Outdoor Voices

The theme: Colorful retro

The colors: Yellow, turquoise, cerise

The flowers: Craspedia, ranunculus, dahlias

The details: A playful color palette and quirky details are perfect for your wedding style—maybe you’ll even consider a ‘90s wedding theme! You want your special day to be all about having fun and celebrating in a big way, and you need bold details to match. Try color blocked centerpieces, disco balls, personalized sunglasses as wedding favors, and a bar on wheels.

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A post shared by ZARA Official (@zara) on


The theme: High-fashion glam

The colors: Black and white

The flowers: Phalaenopsis orchids, white anthurium, roses

The details: You’re all about rocking the latest trends and making a fashion statement in your everyday life, and your wedding day will be no different. Go all out with a glamorous wedding theme featuring couture details, such as hanging centerpieces, custom wedding jackets, velvet chairs, and scented candles.

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A post shared by magnolia (@magnolia) on


The theme: Rustic farmhouse

The colors: Green, cream, gray

The flowers: Eucalyptus, white hydrangeas, jasmine vines

The details: Creating an inviting, relaxed vibe is your number-one goal for your wedding style. Bring your vision of a cozy Joanna Gaines-inspired aesthetic to life by combining rustic and vintage elements like long wood banquet tables, greenery garlands, gauzy linen table runners, and kilim rugs.

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A post shared by Anthropologie (@anthropologie) on


The theme: Bohemian

The colors: Watermelon pink and denim blue

The flowers: Pampas grass, bleached Italian ruscus, garden roses

The details: Embrace your free-spirited side by turning to nature for your wedding day inspiration. Decorative elements like vintage floral prints, dried grasses, watercolor wedding invitations, macrame accents, and an outdoor wedding venue (like the desert, maybe?) will all help you achieve an artsy, bohemian aesthetic.

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A post shared by (@shopbando) on 

The theme: Tropical

The colors: Orange, teal, cayenne

The flowers: Birds of Paradise, bougainvillea, monstera leaves 

The details: With an island-inspired theme, your wedding will be on the fast track to “best bash of the year” territory. A zesty color palette, playful patterns, and statement-making floral arrangements all help create a cheerful vibe on your wedding day, whether you’re actually getting married on a tropical island or not. Try including fresh fruit decor, metallic tabletop accents, and balloon arches.

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A post shared by Airbnb (@airbnb) on


The theme: Eco-conscious

The colors: White, green, rust

The flowers: Sword ferns, hellebores, anemones 

The details: Traveling and living sustainably are two of your biggest passions, so it only makes sense to incorporate them into your wedding day. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to host an eco-friendly or zero-waste wedding, and you don’t have to sacrifice on style to do it. You can create an earthy, eclectic wedding theme by incorporating things like rattan accents, potted plants as decor (totally reusable after the big day), and repurposing one-of-a-kind souvenirs you’ve collected throughout your adventures. Host a micro-wedding or elope to reduce your environmental impact even more. 

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A post shared by Draper James (@draperjames) on

Draper James

The theme: Classic with a twist

The colors: Navy and violet

The flowers: Peonies, forget-me-nots, pieris japonica 

The details: You love to balance timeless pieces with unexpected details to make a look that’s totally your own. The essence of classic wedding style may be understated, but it’s not boring! A ballroom or tented wedding reception venue sets the scene for an elegant reception, but don’t forget the personal touches. Along with classic blue, incorporate vibrant pops of color, whimsical prints, and monogrammed wedding decor for a Southern chic theme.

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A post shared by West Elm | Furniture + Decor (@westelm) on

West Elm 

The theme: Industrial 

The colors: Charcoal and apricot

The flowers: Smilax vines, freesias, Juliet roses

The details: You’re drawn to a clean, streamlined style with slight vintage undertones, and an industrial wedding theme lets you combine both. Edgy details like Edison bulbs and metal marais chairs are easy ways to enhance an industrial space—but remember to soften the look by using fresh greenery, fragrant flowers, and subtle accents of color.

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A post shared by Mejuri (@mejuri) on


The theme: Minimalist

The colors: Gold and pearlescent white

The flowers: Lunaria, white calla lilies, dried sun palms

The details: A neutral color palette with iridescent and metallic accents exudes luxury and sophistication while also reflecting the minimalist aesthetic you love. By limiting your wedding color palette to monochromatic tones, you can experiment with different textures and materials to add visual interest. Decorative elements like vellum, white pillar candles, and iridescent mercury glass are just a few minimalist wedding ideas to try. And don’t forget about the fashion—fabrics like crepe and silk are must-haves for any minimalist wedding dress.

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A post shared by Whole Foods Market (@wholefoods) on

Whole Foods 

The theme: Foodie 

The colors: Sage green and plum purple

The flowers: Succulents, zinnias, chamomile

The details: If you love cooking up new recipes in your kitchen or trying all of the trendiest restaurants in town, then it only makes sense to put food at the center of your wedding day. You’re less concerned about the decor and more concerned about the menu—so focus on surprising your guests with fusion dishes, late-night snacks, and of course, a fabulous wedding cake or dessert spread.