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Brides hoping to wow the crowd on their big day should try wearing a colored wedding dress. Wedding dresses with a pop of color can easily transform your bridal look into something spectacular and statement-worthy. So, if you’re hoping to steer away from tradition by not wearing white on your wedding day, then check out these one-of-a-kind colored wedding dresses.

These colored wedding dresses will totally create a wow-worthy wedding-day look.

Dan Lecca


This soft pastel pink is a fabulous choice for brides looking to wear a hint of color on their wedding day. Blush wedding dresses evoke a romantic look, since the pink hue is light and subtle. This also means brides won’t feel like they’re being too bold with their color choice. From feminine and flirty blush dresses to ombre skirts, this sweet and chic pink is a great choice for modern brides.

Dress by Kelly Faetanini

Dan Lecca

Muted Blue

Another soft color choice brides will love wearing on their big day is muted blue. A pale blue wedding dress is a playful pick and is also perfect for a waterfront soiree.The best part? Your gown can double as your something blue, too!

Dress by Kelly Faetanini

Dan Lecca

Oyster Gray

Oyster gray, which used to be a popular bridesmaid dress color, is also a great choice for brides who’re hoping to wear something other than white. The light gray (similar to dove gray), creates a boho look that’s totally made for free-spirited or modern brides-to-be.

Dress by Sareh Nouri

Dan Lecca


Brides who love glitter, sequins or anything that’s bedazzled should opt for a gold wedding dress. Gold wedding dresses create a dramatic bridal look that will definitely have your guests talking about your dress for years to come. Whether you go for a gown with gold embellishments or choose a dress that’s covered in gold details, you’ll feel like royalty wearing this color choice.

Dress by Wtto by Watters

Dan Lecca


If you love metallics, but prefer silver over gold then why not opt for a silver wedding dress? Silver wedding dresses also create a show-stopping look that’s fit for any glamorous bride-to-be. These dresses are ultra-chic and can easily create a sultry vibe with the help of shining silver embellishments and details.

Dress by Galia Lahav

Dan Lecca


Brides who love mythical creatures (like unicorns or mermaids) and are hoping to wear a wedding dress that’s whimsical and playful should definitely look into an iridescent gown. Multi-colored wedding dresses create a dreamy look that will leave your future spouse wonderstruck. From gowns with iridescent fabric to dresses with multi-colored floral appliques, iridescent colored wedding dresses are fit for any unicorn-obsessed bride-to-be.  

Dress by Leanne Marshall

Vera Wang

Mocha Brown

A moody color choice, mocha brown is a rich hue that’s fit for an autumn or winter celebration. The dark brown adds a sensual and mysterious look, since it’s much darker than the traditional white wedding dress. Fashion-forward brides should definitely try a mocha brown wedding dress.

Dress by Vera Wang