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Due to the many date changes, and venue changes made by me as the bride, Orchid Plum Couture remained professional. Though services hired for could have been cancelled of further assistance, she stuck by me to the end. I purchased my own decorations (I wished I had listened and stuck to her ideas) and hired her to decorate the reception venue that I changed the day before my wedding day.

My day turned out to be a success! It pays not to be a bridezilla nor be a complicated person to deal with when it comes to your wedding day! Receiving professional insight is of great importance to consider, not by being one-sided during the planning stages to the actual execution of the entire event! The groom should be included and informed of any decisions a bride makes. I will beg Orchid Plum Couture to work with me again, should I decide to prepare for an anniversary party. Believe me, I've learned to be patient, not jump ahead to work against who I hire, but to work along with them.

Profile Picture A, 7/24/10, 1 Review
Category: Flowers

Orchid Plum Couture did an OUTSTANDING JOB on two floral designs that I ordered on two different occasions and for two different companies.

At the time, I was a Sales Manager at a major hotel near LAX and there was a client who needed a floral design for their store grand opening, so we used Orchid Plum Couture's service and it blew the client away! The price was awesome, from the service to the delivery; everything was PERFECT. This company really made us look good.

The other occasion was a floral design given to an executive who's mother was dying of cancer. Long story short, Orchid Plum came through again, raving reviews from the corporate client.

I would highly recommend this service, you won't be able to find better. Will continue to use in the future.
Thanks a million.

Profile Picture M. Ruth, 11/6/09, 1 Review
Category: Flowers

Well, words cannot describe the excellent job Orchid Plum Couture has rendered to me and my husband's 25th Anniversary 'Movie Theme' Party at a venue in Carson, CA in August 2009!

Till this day, many are still ranting and raving about the flow of my event, the centerpieces, and the overall theme decorations of the location. Being married for quite some time, we felt stuck in the stone ages, however, Orchid Plum Couture was gentle in giving of their ideas, and my trust in them became 100 percent! This trust led to the success of my event, due to the way they handled the logistics and planning!

Their prices are fair, they're flexible, reliable and trustworthy. They have a variety of talents that they can be hired for, and should be compensated fairly for the overall experience. I will always remember and use them again. Nina

Profile Picture Nina, 8/24/85, 1 Review
Category: Flowers, Unique Services (Other), Wedding Planning