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Bliss Productions is a boutique full-service event planning and design firm based in San Clemente, California. Experienced event planner Lindsey Wiggins treats every event and client uniquely, helping to design bold and one-of-a-kind weddings that are a real reflection of her couples’ personalities and ideas. Bliss Productions has a client-centered process that celebrates the bond between a client and planner, truly listening to visions for wedding details. They’ll tackle your wedding with the same passion and intensity as if it were their own, presenting you with the finest vendors and guiding you through the planning and design process to save you valuable time, money and energy.

Lindsey Wiggins has a bachelor’s degree in communications and interior design, which fused her passion for working with people and creating beautiful spaces. She began her career by helping in event planning, marketing, and branding for Ford and The American Institute of Architects.

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Bliss Productions offers day-of coordination, partial planning, and full wedding planning services. They can also plan destination and eco-friendly weddings.

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Regions serviced: Orange County, Inland Empire

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Working with Bliss Productions was seamless. From initial consultation until the last rental was loaded on the truck, Bliss made sure our wedding was organized, relaxed, fun, and beautiful.

Lindsay’s excitement and experience planning events is self-evident. Her staff are equally as energetic, and open. In all our communication prior to the wedding, I felt acknowledged and heard. They made the planning process easy. Her communication with vendors ensured that everyone that participated in the event was knowledgable about our expectations. Bliss balanced my vision of the event with their input and ideas to make the day truly spectacular.

Bliss planned most of my rentals, and I am thankful I had their help in the process. It was so helpful for Bliss to provide options that matched our style and theme. They provided input when needed, and allowed us to make choices when we wanted. I was the perfect balance of support and freedom. Esthetically, our wedding could not have been more perfect, and that was in large part due to Bliss Productions.

The day of the wedding, Lindsay ensured that we could relax. She had organized and discussed all of the details beforehand, so the only surprises were good ones. During our wedding, Bliss made sure that it flowed smoothly. The Bliss team worked so hard to ensure our wedding was perfect. With the planning and coordination of Bliss Productions, our wedding day exceeded our expectations. We are so grateful for all their hard work!

Profile Picture Meg, 8/19/17, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

Hands down, best wedding planner ever! Lindsay is such a charismatic, attentive, and AMAZING person. From day one, she responded back to my inquiry in no time! From there, we met plenty of times and exchanged countless e-mails and phone calls. She and the Bliss team always made me feel as though I was in really good hands. Through every change (there are always so many) from the décor and rentals, to the timeline and every other detail, they were so organized and made it look easy! Lindsay is very caring and will go the extra mile to make sure your day goes how YOU imagined. Our wedding day was more than we could have asked for, it was BLISSful! My family was still talking about Lindsay days after because they were so impressed! I highly recommend Lindsay to any of you looking for an experienced planner that is a joy to work with!

Profile Picture Maddie, 8/18/17, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

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Ana & King Montage Laguna Beach Wedding

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1 Wedding Deal & Discount

1527184051 ec61092a89a78f80 1523633054 cdecba27cd729690 1523633053 58df6aed85e31c17 152363

Discount on Wedding Package

$3,000.00 Value | Promo Code: 500
The Star Package: Starting at: $3,000 *~Essential Services for your wedding day~This package includes us tending to the day-of details so you don't have to. While you are spending time with friends and family we will be behind the scenes making sure you have a blissful day and experience. With this package, you have already selected and retained your ceremony/reception venues and vendors. Use the code Wedding Wire and get $500 off
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Professional Network & Endorsements

Great to deal with and clients are always happy. Highly recommend them. Pilar

Lindsay is great to work with! We love her!

Bliss Productions is a company that manages to capture every special moment and make it last a lifetime. They are a professional company that understands the service industry and can really make a difference in the quality of your event. I would highly recommend them.

Lindsay is wonderful to work with and is kind and respectful to all vendors! She is very poised and presents herself in a very professional and genuine way. You can tell that she takes pride in her work.


San Clemente, CA 92673   See On Map
949-375-1815 (phone)
Bliss Productions is a wedding Planner from Orange County, Ca. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Orange County, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach. Bliss Productions is a professional wedding planning company that has been part of the Orange County, Ca wedding industry for 10 years. We specialize in wedding planning.