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Creme de la Creme Bartenders & Event Staff Completes your Event!

Creme de la Creme has over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry. We aim for perfection with every event, from smaller warm settings in a home to large weddings and social gatherings or festivals we are well prepared to do our part in ensuring a smooth worry free event . We cover all the bases and customize based upon each clients special select needs and desires. Our bartenders are Certified and full of Charisma ! Let Creme de la Creme light up the room with a specialty signature cocktail or let us customize one especially for you. We are also proud to be able to provide Food Servers, Door Host, VIP Liasion, Cigar Girls, Bottle Servers, and portable Bar/Bar tools available for rent.

Categories: Wedding Caterer, Wedding Service

Regions serviced: Baltimore, Washington DC

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10 Reviews for Creme de la Creme Bartenders

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Creme de la Creme was great to work with! We are very happy with their service at our wedding. They are made special cocktail drinks and even brought their own signs to showcase the drinks. We also ordered coffee and tea service. They kept the drinks flowing and made the event memorable. I would highly recommend Creme de la Creme for any event.

Profile Picture H, 9/2/18, 7 Reviews
Category: Catering, Unique Services (Other)
Services Used: Cocktail Reception, Custom Menu, Bartender(s), Outside Alcohol, Signature Drink, Clean Up, Set Up

We were so happy we came across Creme de la Creme to hire as bartenders for our wedding! They were professional and responsive from the beginning. They came up with some delicious signature cocktails that added a special touch and our guests loved them! The bartenders were quick, kind, and super fun! Overall we had a great experience with Creme de la Creme Bartenders!

Profile Picture User7155717, Recently Married, 5 Reviews
Category: Unique Services (Other)

We booked Creme de la Creme Bartenders for my daughter's first birthday party and it was such a good decision! They were extremely pleasant, organized and made great cocktails! They helped me create a custom cocktail menu and made sure that the details were carried through - straws, tablecloths etc to match our theme. They arrived early to set up and even helped with clean up throughout the evening. I would certainly use them again for another party.

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Profile Picture Kellie, 4/7/18, 1 Review
Category: Unique Services (Other)

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Creme de la Creme

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