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21 Beach Wedding Hairstyles for a Simple and Easygoing Look

Whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight, these beach wedding hair ideas will keep it looking stylish without being overdone.

bride stands on the beach with the ocean in the background while holding a colorful bouquet and wearing matching flower crown

Even if you're having a relaxed, low-key beach wedding, your bridal beauty look shouldn't go unplanned. Insider tip: it actually takes a bit of work for your beach wedding hair to look effortless and polished! We know that a formal wedding updo or stiff hairstyle might not match the vibe you've envisioned for your big day, which is where these easy and comfortable beach wedding hairstyles come in handy.

How should I do my hair for a beach wedding? 

Your exact beach wedding hairstyle will depend on a few things: Your preferred style—for example, up or down—how your wedding dress looks, and your hair type. A professional wedding hairstylist is always the best way to determine which hairstyle will work best for you, but it's also important to do a little research and inspirational browsing of your own when you're on the hunt for the perfect hairstyle. In general, beach wedding hairstyles tend to be more relaxed than formal bridal hair—think messy buns, beach waves, textured braids, and other lived-in styles. It can often be breezy when marrying by the water, which is why half-up hairstyles are extremely popular for beach weddings, since they give you length while also keeping hair out of your face if the wind blows. To give yourself plenty of time to find the right vendor and schedule your trial appointments, we recommend hiring a wedding hairstylist at least six months before your wedding. 

Beach Wedding Hairstyles for All Hair Types

Ready for some gorgeous beach bride inspo? Check out these beach wedding hair ideas that we'd bookmark for a bridal styling trial.

black bride with natural curly hair accessorized with silver beaded headband

Curly wedding hairstyle with tiara

Instead of fighting your natural texture, embrace it! Show off coily or curly hair by wearing it down and adding a sparkly hair accessory, like a headband, tiara, or hair pins. Give your hair extra attention in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding day to make sure that it's healthy and strong. 

blonde bride with oversized low bun

Low chignon wedding hairstyle

This modern beach wedding hairstyle is great for all textures and medium-length to long hair. Part your hair in the center, tease the ends to create a voluminous low bun, and then use finishing products and hairspray to smooth the front of your hair for a sleek look that stays in place all day long.

brunette bride with half-up ponytail

Beach wedding hairstyle with half-up ponytail 

For a playful and simple beach wedding look, wear your hair in a half-up ponytail at the top of your head. Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic or finish with a trendy bow or scarf.

bride with long brown hair wears side fishtail braid decorated with small flowers

Long fishtail braid 

An extra-long fishtail or bubble braid is one of our favorite ways to style your hair for a beach wedding. This hairstyle is boho and romantic, especially if you add flowers, greenery, or a hair vine. Don't have long hair? No problem! You can use clip-in or semi-permanent hair extensions to bulk up your locks.

Black bride with kinky hair in a low bun accessorized with gold head chain

Low bun with beaded head chain

A beaded hairpiece or head chain will instantly add beachy vibes to a simple low 'do, especially if you pair it with statement earrings like this bride.

blonde bride with half-up hairstyle two dutch braids combined into one at the back of the head

Dutch braid beach wedding hairstyle 

This braided hairstyle is an elegant alternative to the usual half-up hairstyle. The Dutch braid (versus the French braid) is created by braiding strands under each other rather than on top of each other, often creating a more voluminous result. We also love this idea as a bridesmaid hairstyle!

brunette bride with hair half-up and bright pink flower behind ear

Curled beach wedding hair with flowers

Give your wedding hairstyle some colorful flair by pinning back the front and accessorizing with fresh flowers, like these coral peonies, on one side.

blonde bride wearing white and greenery flower crown

Beach wedding hairstyle with flower crown 

The flower crown has long been a beach wedding hairstyle staple, and it's not going anywhere. We love the look of an all-white flower crown featuring a hint of greenery for chic, boho style.

brunette bride with glam beach wedding hairstyle curls and side part

Glam beach wedding hairstyle 

Want to go all out for your beach wedding? Achieve a glamorous, bombshell look by curling your hair and styling it in a deep side part. Tuck one side behind your ear and add hairspray to keep the front smooth and in place.

Black bride with braids half-up beach wedding hairstyle

Half-up hairstyle for locs, twists, or braids

If your hair is in locs, twists, or braids, or you're planning to wear one of these styles for your wedding day, add a metallic headpiece to give the overall look a touch of bridal bling.

simple beach wedding hairstyle loose waves

Simple loose waves hairstyle

Imperfect curls and waves were made for a beach wedding venue. This wedding hairstyle isn't about achieving a uniform curl pattern or stiff hold—instead, allow the salt air and ocean breeze to naturally enhance the waves throughout the day for a lived-in effect.

side ponytail beach wedding hairstyle

Low side ponytail

While a high ponytail is flirty and fun, a low side ponytail is sultry and glam. Curl your hair or tease your natural texture to boost the volume.

blonde bride with natural curls

Beach wedding hairstyle with natural curls 

Speaking of natural texture, if you're blessed with spiral curls like this beaming bride, we love the simple look of a half-up style.

Black bride with shorty coily hair dyed pink

Short wedding hairstyle 

Your beach wedding hair doesn't have to involve long locks or extensions—short hair is just as stunning! If you're feeling edgy, dye the ends a vibrant color, like this bold reddish pink.

classic beach wedding hairstyle low chignon

Classic beach wedding hairstyle

You can never go wrong with a timeless chignon, even at the beach. To keep this style from looking too formal, leave a few loose strands at the front to frame your face.

bride piggybacks on groom while wearing floppy sun hat

Beach wedding hairstyle with sun hat

Bridal hats are one of our favorite wedding trends to resurface in the last few years. A floppy sun hat is the perfect accessory for a beach ceremony, elopement, or wedding portrait session. Use a curling iron to add loose waves and texture to your hair, but don't worry about making it too perfect.

Black bride with braided beach wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyle with crown braid

If you want to have all of your hair up and completely out of the way, consider a style like this crown braid (also known as a milkmaid braid) that starts at the top of your head and spirals around the back.

half-up beach wedding hairstyle french twist with ends loose

Half-up French twist

An undone French twist is sexy and chic, especially for an elopement or destination wedding on the beach.

glamorous beach wedding hairstyle low chignon with deep side part

Voluminous low bun hairstyle 

For a hairstyle that exudes classic romance, tease the hair around your face, then pin your hair back in a low bun with a side part.

half-up beach wedding hairstyle with braided bangs

Beachy waves with braided bangs

Have bangs you need to keep out of your face for a beach ceremony? Try this half-up hairdo with a braid at the front to secure all or some of your bangs.