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21 Beach Wedding Bouquets to Carry at Your Waterfront Ceremony

Whether you're into tropical flowers, classic nautical style, or modern floral arrangements, these beach wedding bouquets prove that there are plenty of ways to accessorize on the big day.

bride stands against white wall holding beach wedding bouquet of greenery eucalyptus anemones and air plants

Getting married at the beach, a waterfront venue, or in a scenic destination wedding spot often means you can skip some of your wedding decor (since you don't want to overpower the scenery). But if there's one detail that you should keep, it's your bridal bouquet! Not only does the bouquet serve as an accessory for your wedding day look, it also ties the whole decorative aesthetic together. Before you meet with your wedding florist, check out these beach wedding bouquets to give you an idea of what you do and don't like.

Black bride holds tropical beach wedding bouquet with monstera leaves and pink anthurium with orange roses

Monstera Leaf Wedding Bouquet 

The giant monstera leaf is a staple among beachy and tropical floral arrangements. Use one as the "base" for your wedding bouquet, then add contrasting flowers, like the anthurium, pincushion proteas, ginger torch, and roses seen here.

bride standing with bridesmaids carrying protea beach wedding bouquets

King Protea Wedding Bouquet

A favorite for boho brides, the king protea is impossible to miss. These spiky flowers are native to South Africa and are known for lasting several days after they've been cut, which is what makes them popular for beach wedding bouquets and hotter climates.

bride holds pale orange blush and white beach wedding bouquet with roses and tulips

Whimsical Orange Wedding Bouquet 

You don't need your wedding bouquet to have a rainbow of flowers to be memorable—this pale orange and white arrangement is unique because of its monochromatic palette of roses, tulips, and stock.

Black bride holding monochromatic yellow beach wedding bouquet with garden roses, ranunculus and greenery

Illuminating Yellow Wedding Bouquet

Speaking of monochromatic, this allover yellow bouquet definitely packs a punch. We predicted yellow to be one of the top wedding colors of 2021, and it's also the Pantone Color of the Year.

Bride and bridesmaids pose in a circle while holding their wedding bouquets in the center

Romantic Rose Wedding Bouquet 

If you're going for more of a classic beach wedding bouquet look, opt for timeless flowers, such as roses, anemones, and greenery.

boho beach wedding bouquet with dried greenery and pale pink and white roses

Boho Beach Wedding Bouquet

Ask your wedding florist to put their own spin on this beachy, boho arrangement by using flowers like blush roses, rust orange cymbidium orchids, air plants (also known as tillandsia), and assorted greenery.

all-white beach wedding bouquet with garden roses peonies and asymmetrical phalaenopsis orchid stems

Elegant Orchid Wedding Bouquet

​This otherwise classic white rose and peony bouquet gets a tropical spin thanks to asymmetrical stems of gorgeous phalaenopsis orchids.

colorful beach wedding bouquet with bright pink peonies and green cymbidium orchids and yellow ranunculus

Pink Peony Wedding Bouquet 

Late spring and early summer are peak peony season, which means these beloved flowers should be easier (and more affordable) to source for your beach wedding bouquet. Pair bright pink peonies with green orchids and yellow ranunculus for a fun floral palette.

tropical colorful beach wedding bouquet with orange cymbidium orchids and palm fronds

Tropical Orchid Wedding Bouquet

Did you know that there are actually more than 20,000 different types of orchids in the world? For beach weddings, cymbidium orchids (the orange flowers pictured here) are some of the most popular.

green and white beach wedding bouquet with air plants and spiral eucalyptus

Simple Beach Wedding Bouquet 

For a no-frills beach wedding bouquet, stick to a green and white color palette with elements like eucalyptus, roses, and greenery. This is also a great option for your bridesmaid bouquets!

bride holds boho beach wedding bouquet including anthurium, banksia flower, and air plants

Unique Beach Wedding Bouquet

We're in love with this abstract wedding bouquet that's full of whimsy. Pair unexpected flowers together, such as poppies, banksia flowers, and anthurium, for a totally one-of-a-kind vibe.

bride and bridesmaids hold their white rose beach wedding bouquets next to each other

White Wedding Bouquet

For a simple summer wedding, these understated white rose and dusty miller bouquets are always a hit.

modern alternative beach wedding bouquet with peach zinnias and pink wildflowers

Wildflower Wedding Bouquet

If the usual beach wedding bouquets aren't your style, try an alternative arrangement like this one instead. Wildflowers in pink, yellow, and white hues are oh-so-pretty.

close-up of tropical beach wedding bouquet including Birds of Paradise and orange roses

Birds of Paradise Wedding Bouquet

The tropical Bird of Paradise flower is immediately recognizable, thanks to its spiky shape and bright orange color. With this flower, you won't need much else in your beach wedding bouquet except a little bit of greenery. 

boho beach wedding bouquet with large pink king proteas and eucalyptus

Oversized Beach Wedding Bouquet

Take your beach bride look to the next level by carrying a statement-making oversized bouquet filled with king proteas, ranunculus, silver dollar eucalyptus, and long ribbons to tie everything together. 

modern beach wedding bouquet with white roses greenery and large air plant

Wedding Bouquet With Air Plants

Air plants are ideal for hot temperatures and can last longer than a lot of wedding flowers, since they don't need to be kept in water. Add one large air plant as the focal point in a loose bouquet of roses and greenery.

fall beach wedding bouquet with muted gold brown and purple tones

Fall Beach Wedding Bouquet

If you're having a fall beach wedding, switch out the bright neon-hued flowers for muted colors instead. This bouquet of fan palms, anthurium, and roses is a perfect example of how to do it.

bright pink and green beach wedding bouquet with peonies and monstera leaves
Mermaid & Me PhotoPalm Trees to Peonies

Cascading Wedding Bouquet

Cascading wedding bouquets were first popularized in the 1980s, but we love them for the beach bride who wants to make a bold statement with her bouquet.  

simple beach wedding bouquet with pale orange roses and bleached greenery

Pastel Wedding Bouquet

Use pastel yellow flowers to add a pop of color to an otherwise white beach wedding bouquet. This one is finished with bleached greenery for a modern, trendy effect.

modern tropical beach wedding bouquet with oversized greenery and palm fronds

Tropical Greenery Wedding Bouquet

With greenery like this, your summer wedding bouquet won't need much else. Along with monstera leaves, the most common types of tropical greenery include banana leaves, Bird of Paradise leaves, palm fronds, and sword ferns (all pictured here). 

colorful beach wedding bouquet with greenery and bright pink phalaenopsis orchids cascading down the front

Pink Orchid Wedding Bouquet

Long-stem phalaenopsis orchids are the perfect balance of beachy and elegant. Add them to one side of a bouquet for an eye-catching detail.