Photo: Melvin Gilbert Photography

It’s a huge honor to be picked as someone’s MOH, so congrats! You’re likely the bride’s BFF or sister, a valued confidant, and someone who the bride wants standing beside her when she gets hitched.

Here are a few surefire things you need to do as the bride’s go-to gal.

Give your opinion (when asked)
Help her search for venues, photographers, or any other vendor the bride and groom may want your input on. Go wedding dress shopping with her if she asks! She’ll definitely want to hear your thoughts while making this big fashion decision, just make sure you aren’t too harsh. If you’re not the biggest fan of a venue or dress she’s considering, give your honest opinion, but do it gently and know that at the end of the day it’s totally her call. She’ll be grateful just to have you along for the ride.

Lead the bridal party
Think of yourself as the ring leader of the group. Chances are, not all the bridesmaids will have met each other before and it’s important you make everyone in the group feel included. Start an email chain with all the ‘maids so people can get to know each other a little bit before the kick-off of pre-wedding events. You can also help them with any dress shopping needs they may have or with making travel plans.

Plan the bachelorette party & bridal shower
These two events are your major duties as the maid of honor! Discuss with the other bridesmaids and brainstorm bachelorette ideas. Ask the bride what she’d prefer to do. Does she want to go to vineyard? Take a destination vacation? Make sure you have an idea of what she wants before making any plans. Take this quiz if you’re still unsure about what to do! You’ll also likely host or co-host a bridal shower for her. Work with the ‘maids and other family members to plan something she’ll always remember.

Act as a liaison
Be the point person, along with the best man, for fielding guest questions. This way the bride and groom won’t feel bombarded and can focus on planning. On the day of the wedding, be the point of contact for vendors coming in to set up or with the event coordinator at the venue. The bride should be relaxing and getting ready the day of her wedding, not taking care of the last-minute details.

Prepare an emergency kit
Come fully armed with anything the bride may need! From touch-up necessities such as lipstick and concealer to backup items like bobby pins and mouthwash, the bride will be grateful to have these items on hand. See the full list of what to include.

Give a toast
Typically the maid of honor is asked to give a speech at the reception. Don’t be nervous, it’s an opportunity to let the bride know how happy you are for her! We recommend keeping your speech between 2-3 minutes and avoid telling too many embarrassing stories. A nice anecdote about when the pair first met is always a good way to break the ice. Here are a few more golden rules for giving a great toast.

Make sure the bride eats & drinks
The bride is likely going to be running all over the place chatting with guests and catching up with friends she hasn’t seen in awhile. Keep an eye on her throughout the night and make sure she takes some time to eat, drink, and catch up with her new spouse!

Be a support system
Throughout the whole process, your number one priority is to be there for her no matter what. As her maid of honor you’ve likely had some practice with that, but in this situation, she’s definitely going to need you more than ever. From planning mishaps to calming her wedding day jitters, she’s going to be so thankful she picked you to stand by her side on her special day.