Wedding Services

Your wedding vendors are the creative partners who bring all of those carefully planned details to life. Here’s how to find the best vendors for your wedding style and budget, and to make the most of their all-important services so your wedding day is an absolute dream.

Wedding Decor

How to Have a Gothic Wedding That's Modern and Elegant

Skip the skulls and skeleton keys — these modern gothic wedding ideas are perfect for anyone who wants a hint of goth without totally going over to the dark side.

Wedding Decor

13 Types of Wedding Chairs for a Stylish Big Day

We're breaking down the most popular types of wedding chairs to help you find the perfect ones for your needs.

Wedding Decor

The 9 Types of Fabric You Can Rent for Your Wedding

Can’t tell the difference between silk or satin? Don’t stress. Our glossary explains the most popular types of fabric to help you choose the perfect rental linens.

Wedding Flowers

The Top 7 Spring Wedding Flowers Will Make You Swoon

Read on to learn which are the most popular flowers for a spring wedding.

Wedding Flowers

The Best Fall Wedding Flowers—Straight From the Experts

Whether your theme is rustic chic or vintage-inspired, we asked top florists to reveal the hottest flowers available to you this season.

Wedding Decor

11 Summer Wedding Ideas You'll Want to Steal for Yourself

Check out these steal-worthy summer wedding ideas and tips before you start planning your warm weather soirée.

Wedding Songs & Music

22 First Dance Songs That Are Modern AND Romantic

There's a lot of pressure to pick the perfect first dance song for your wedding reception — so we're here to help! Here's our list of modern first dance songs that are also guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Wedding Flowers

Florists Reveal the Hottest Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer is a gorgeous time to get married, and it's also a great opportunity to include seasonal blooms in your decor. Here's everything you need to know about the best summer wedding flowers.

Wedding Flowers

7 Winter Wedding Flowers You'll Absolutely Adore

Getting hitched during the winter months? Here are the best in-season winter wedding flowers, straight from the experts.

Photography & Video

What’s a Bridal Portrait Session?

Bridal portrait sessions are common in certain parts of the country. Here's everything you need to know before scheduling yours.

Invitations & Stationery

Your Wedding Invitation Style Finder, According to Zodiac Sign

Use your zodiac sign to find out which wedding invitation style is the best fit for your upcoming “I dos.”


11 Wedding Car Decoration Ideas for a Memorable Send-Off

Drive off into the sunset as the happiest (and most stylish) couple with the help of these wedding car decoration ideas.

Wedding Decor

This White Wedding Decor Is Straight out of a Dream

Sometimes, less really is more! These dreamy white wedding decor ideas will have you thinking twice about going overboard with your color palette.

Wedding Decor

10 Words to Describe Your Wedding Style

Deciding on the best words to describe your wedding style? Here are a few common adjectives, along with their definitions and inspiration to get you started!

Photography & Video

Wedding Photography Styles You Should Definitely Know About

Booking a wedding photographer is one of the first steps of planning your big day. Here are the wedding photography styles you should know about before starting your search!

Wedding Decor

14 Black Wedding Decor Ideas to Bring Out Your Dark Side

Thinking of using black in your wedding color palette? Check out these black wedding decor ideas for a variety of aesthetics and themes.