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A packed dance floor is the sign of a truly amazing wedding reception. And while there are some classic tunes that will bring everyone to their feet, it’s a good idea to mix the oldies with some new 2020 wedding songs to please guests of all ages. No matter where you taste in music leans, your DJ or bandleader can help direct you to newer tunes to give your reception that modern touch.  

We talked to music pros from around the country to find out their top picks for wedding songs 2020 couples will love, particularly those that will get everyone dancing.

“Dance Monkey” by Tones and I

Nearly every music pro we interviewed mentioned this alternative indie track as a top wedding song for 2020. “This Australian singer-songwriter has a unique and fun sound that's hard to resist,” says Troy Adams of Carolina DJ Professionals in Charlotte, North Carolina. “We see this one being one of those fun songs that allows people to let their hair down.”

Adds Brian Buonassissi of DJ Brian B in New York, New York: “The original may have you second guessing this song because there’s not much of a beat there, but there are a ton of mashup blends and remixes out there that make this song gold.”

“10,000 Hours” by Dan + Shay feat. Justin Bieber

Coming off the popularity of “Speechless,” this song is poised to be a frequently-played wedding song in 2020, whether for a first dance or a slower song to play at a different point during the reception. “It’s an easy-going soft pop-country song that’s bright and happy focused on love, which makes it perfect for someone looking for a modern song vibe with a small country twist,” says Romin Zandi of Zandi Entertainment in Reston, Virginia.

“Good As Hell” by Lizzo

“You probably already know this song, but that’s the point,” says Digital Dave of DJ Digital Dave in Wexford, Pennsylvania, who likened this new favorite to classic wedding songs like Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” or Walk The Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance”. “Lizzo’s feel-good, empowerment anthem is sure to follow suit.” Even though this song was first released four years ago, music pros think it will be one of the top wedding songs for 2020.

“Lover” by Taylor Swift

Whether you’re a Swiftie or not, there’s no denying that this song was made for weddings—Swift even came out with a “first dance remix” to capitalize on its wedding potential. Whether you choose the remix or the original version of this song, it’s bound to be a favorite for first dances or other moments during your big day.

“Ritmo” by The Black Eyed Peas and J Balvin

If you’re looking to add some Latin flavor to your playlist, this 2020 wedding song is definitely worth a listen to. “The song samples the 90’s classic hit ‘Rhythm of The Night’ by Corona with a Latin beat that makes it different and unique,” says Romin Zandi. “Plus, J Balvin has had a great year in Latin music, so this song is definitely a banger!”

“Higher Love” by Kygo and Whitney Houston

Several of our music pros predict this reinterpretation of the classic Steve Winwood song will be one of the hot wedding songs in 2020—particularly because of its inclusion of the late, great Whitney Houston. “‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ has been a staple for wedding dance floors since the song came out, so it's no surprise that this song would be popular too,” says David Moore of TH Entertainment in Denver, Colorado. “Although it just came out last year, it does take some time for people to catch up and so we think 2020 will be this song’s breakout year.”

DJs Pat and Sean Kelly of North Wales, Pennsylvania add that this song can be played during many wedding moments. “It’s a powerful electronic tropical house song that can set the vibe for cocktail hour, dinner, or even be part of your dance party,” they say.

"Don't Start Now” by Dua Lipa

This song came out in late 2019, and is now climbing the list of top wedding songs for 2020. “It’s an infectious funky pop song,” say Pat and Sean Kelly. Adds Brian Buonassissi, “I think this song will be big in the spring. It has a great beat and bass grove.”

“Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd

The Weeknd is known for his throwback-style pop hits, and this single from his heavily-anticipated new album is no exception. “This song has a super fun ‘80s synth vibe,” say Pat and Sean Kelly. “Whether it's this song, or another, we will likely be playing some of The Weeknd in 2020.”

“Memories (Drinks Bring Back)” by Ajay Stephens

In the 2020s, we’re bound to see wedding music inspired by what’s trending on social media. According to Brian Buonassissi, “TikTok tracks are starting to blow up with dance floors and they include some songs you wouldn’t normally think of being dance-floor fillers.” This cover of a popular Maroon 5 song by TikTok-famous artist Ajay Stephens is sure to be a much-requested wedding song. 

“The Git Up” by Blanco Brown

Move over, “Cha Cha Slide” and “Cupid Shuffle”. According to Fred Tian of MixPro Events in Marietta, Georgia, ”this song with fun dance moves went viral at the end of 2019 and is looking to be a wedding staple with the other popular line dances in 2020.” So brush up on your “slip and slide” before your next wedding!

“Before I Let Go” by Beyonce

Let’s be honest, anything by Beyonce is bound to be a wedding dance floor favorite—and this song is no exception. According to Fred Tian, “Beyonce’s cover of this hit by R&B group Maze is sure to be a top request in 2020 by fans of both artists.” And given the popularity of the #BeforeILetGoChallenge, this is another group dance song that’s bound to bring everyone to the floor. 

Top 2019 Wedding Songs

In case you’re interested in adding a #throwback or two to your playlist, here’s a list of pros’ favorite wedding songs from 2019. 

  • “Love Someone” by Lukas Graham
  • “Taki Taki” by DJ Snake feat. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, and Cardi B
  • “Shallow” by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
  • “I Like Me Better” by Lauv
  • “Tints” by Anderson .Paak feat. Kendrick Lamar
  • “Lost in Japan (Remix)” by Shawn Mendes and Zedd
  • “Speechless” by Dan + Shay
  • “thank u, next” by Ariana Grande
  • “1999” by Charli XCX and Troye Sivan
  • “Wow.” by Post Malone