Wedding Services

Your wedding vendors are the creative partners who bring all of those carefully planned details to life. Here’s how to find the best vendors for your wedding style and budget, and to make the most of their all-important services so your wedding day is an absolute dream.

Wedding Songs & Music

Perfect Jewish Wedding Music for Every Ceremony Moment

With so much Jewish wedding music to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which songs to play during your ceremony. Here are a few of our favorites.

Wedding Songs & Music

28 Mother-Son Dance Songs That Will Move Mom to Tears

Need help finding that special mother-son wedding song? These meaningful mother-son dance songs will have mom shedding happy tears (or sentimental ones) on the big day.

Wedding Decor

14 Ways to Use Metallic Wedding Colors on the Big Day

No matter your wedding style or season, metallic hues are a gorgeous way to add a hint of opulence to your attire and decor. Get inspired by these eye-catching (and simple) ways to incorporate metallic wedding colors.

Wedding Decor

Proof That Industrial Chic Weddings Are the New Rustic

Industrial style is a chic wedding trend that's definitely here to stay — just take a look at these jaw-dropping industrial wedding ideas.

Wedding Decor

15 Modern Pastel Wedding Color Ideas That Prove Why We're Still Obsessed

Pastel wedding colors are a tried-and-true favorite. Here's how to pull off this romantic palette in a chic, modern way.

Wedding Decor

13 Wedding Sign Ideas to Personalize Your Decor

Signage is one of the easiest ways to personalize your big day. Take a look at these fresh wedding sign ideas to get inspired for your own ceremony and reception decor.

Wedding Songs & Music

10 First Dance Songs That Sound Sweet but Are Highly Inappropriate

These songs might sound OK at first listen, but we'll show you why they don't belong anywhere near your first dance.

Wedding Decor

20 Colorful Wedding Ideas to Brighten Your Big Day

Looking for a way to brighten up your wedding decor? Try these colorful wedding ideas to instantly energize your big day.


Why Renting a Shuttle Might Be the Best Money You Spend on Your Wedding

Booking a shuttle for your wedding guests might not seem like a huge deal, but it's one of the most important things you'll do for your big day.

Wedding Decor

23 Wedding Flower Ideas That Are Just Really Pretty

Peruse our favorite wedding flower ideas to see how to you can incorporate these blooming beauties into your own celebration.

Wedding Decor

11 Geode Wedding Decor Ideas to Rock Your Big Day

From agate place cards to geode wedding cake toppers, see why we're loving this quirky nature-inspired trend.

Wedding Decor

14 Rustic Wedding Centerpieces Without a Single Mason Jar

Yes, it IS possible to have a rustic wedding without mason jars — trust us. Say hello to these stylish rustic wedding centerpieces that are anything but overdone.

Wedding Decor

Your Ideal Wedding Color Palette, According to Your Zodiac Sign

You know your zodiac sign — now it’s time to find the best wedding color palette to complement your sign’s unique traits and characteristics.

Wedding Decor

14 Watercolor Wedding Details for the Artist at Heart

You're bound to fall in love with these breezy watercolor wedding details, even if you're not a painter! Check out some of the latest ideas for this artistic trend.

Wedding Decor

Your Ideal Wedding Theme, Based on Your Love Language

For every love language, there’s a wedding theme to match. We’re breaking them down one-by-one to help you find your wedding day aesthetic.

Invitations & Stationery

How to Address Wedding Invitations So You Don’t Offend Anyone

A wedding invitation that's not addressed properly can actually offend your guests. Here's how to address those envelopes so everyone's happy.