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How to Word Your Wedding Postponement Announcement

If you're postponing a wedding, follow these templates to spread the word to your guests or write new save-the-dates and invitations.

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While postponing your wedding is never an ideal scenario, it does happen and is unfortunately unavoidable in some situations. If your wedding plans have recently changed due to inclement weather, personal conflicts, a family emergency, or the ongoing pandemic, it's important to notify guests with a wedding postponement announcement and share updated details as soon as possible. Whether or not you've finalized a new date and/or location, you'll want to explain that your plans have changed and reassure guests that you'll provide more information when you can.

If your original wedding date is less than two months away, emails and group texts/chats are the quickest ways to make a wedding postponement announcement (you can break these into friend groups, relatives, etc. if the thought of one massive announcement feels overwhelming). You can also use Facebook and Instagram to spread the details—consider using the "Close Friends" feature to limit the message to only your followers who are currently on your guest list. 

Finally, update your wedding website as soon as possible with the new date, location, and any other information guests may need to know, such as how to travel to the new venue or details about hotel accommodations and local COVID-19 regulations. If the new date is several months to a year out, you can reprint save-the-date cards and wedding invitations based on your timeframe and budget.

Wedding Postponement Announcement FAQs

Is it okay to postpone a wedding?

Even though the decision to postpone your wedding might be a difficult one, it’s completely okay to do so—whatever the reason. The important thing to remember is that it’s your wedding, which means doing what’s best for your situation instead of focusing on the notion of what’s “right or wrong” (or what anyone else other than your partner has to say). Whether you’re postponing because of COVID-19, financial worries, or simply because you want to take a step back and reevaluate things, it’s *always* okay. Work with your vendor team and lean on your loved ones for support to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

What should a wedding postponement card say?

A wedding postponement card should include three important details: the announcement that you are postponing your wedding, the new date if you’ve finalized one, and where guests can find more information (such as your wedding website). While you can certainly include your reason for postponing if you want to, it’s not necessary. See our sample wedding postponement templates below for all of your options.

When should you announce your wedding date?

Traditional save-the-dates are usually sent between eight and 12 months before your wedding. If you’ve decided to postpone your wedding, there may be a shorter time frame before the new date—or your new wedding date might be up in the air, especially with local COVID-19 guidelines changing frequently and unpredictably. In any case, try to give your guests as much notice as possible. A couple of weeks is ideal, but if that’s not possible, don’t sweat it—there are plenty of ways to include everyone, even if they’re not able to attend in person.

What’s a change-the-date card?

A change-the-date card is exactly what it sounds like: a card or invitation announcing your new wedding date. Similar to a save-the-date, your change-the-date should tell guests when and where your wedding is taking place, but it doesn’t need to include every single detail (that’s what the formal invitation is for). Include your wedding website on your change-the-date card and let guests know that’s where they’ll find the most current information about your big day.

Wedding Postponement Announcement Templates

When you're postponing a wedding and updating your wedding website, but you don't have a new date yet:

Even if you're still working out all of the details—or your wedding has been postponed indefinitely—you can notify your loved ones about your decision. Adding a message to your wedding website is one of the first actions you should take when postponing a wedding, especially in last-minute situations. Try these examples.   

"We are saddened by [add situation here] and have decided to postpone our wedding until we choose a new [date and/or location] to celebrate. We will share the updated details with you as soon as they’re available."


"Due to [add situation here], the wedding of Jane Anne Wilson to John Steven Smith will not take place on November 4th as originally planned. A new wedding date will be announced as soon as possible."

When you're postponing a wedding and sending change-the-dates or new save-the-dates:

This option is best recommended for the longest lead times—for example, if your wedding was originally scheduled to take place anywhere from eight months to a year away (rather than a few months or weeks out), or if you are postponing your wedding until the following year. You can also follow this route if you've selected a new wedding date but are still finalizing your venue/location. Although you're spreading the news about your wedding postponement via mail, you should also update your wedding website with a short message. Here are two examples for wedding postponement announcements: 

"We regret to inform you that the wedding of Gregory Williams to Michael Charles Jones will not take place as scheduled, due to [add reason here]. Please save the new date of March 10, 2021. Formal invitation to follow."

OR for a more casual feel:

"Due to [add reason here], we have decided to reschedule our wedding to now take place on March, 10, 2021. Invitation and details to follow."

When you're resending your invitations:

We recommend this option if you are postponing your wedding by six months or less. If you've already sent out your save-the-dates but have not mailed formal invitations (which are traditionally distributed six to eight weeks before your wedding), you should personally notify your guests of the change, as well as include information about the wedding postponement with your invitations and on your wedding website. Ask your wedding stationer if it's possible to include an envelope insert with the updated details, which you can write a few different ways.

If you are hosting your own wedding: 

The marriage of Ms. Rachel Garcia and Mr. Joseph Craig Daniels has been postponed until Saturday, the tenth of March, Two Thousand and Twenty One at half past five o’clock.

Springfield Country Club

123 Spruce Drive

Reception and dancing to follow

OR when your parents/family are hosting your wedding: 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Roberts announce that the wedding of their daughter Miss Elizabeth Michelle to Mr. Benjamin Jeffrey Brown, which was postponed, will now take place on Saturday, March 10th, 2021 at the Springfield Country Club. 

Half past five o'clock

123 Spruce Drive

Reception and dancing to follow