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Vera Wang already saved tons of money having the dress made oversea in China, but their super low/lazy workmanship are just unbelievable. After picking out my dream dress at the DB store(the one in store is size 4), I ordered size 0, two weeks later, I got my dress, not only it has strong fish odor, I found so many defect on the dress (please see the link below)
you can just tell whoever made the dress is SO LAZY, they left all the silver threading exposed, which looks like human hair from distance, some even came loose, they even sew the silver threading through the white flower pattern, left the silver threading uncut instead of hiding them nicely underneath the flower, they also ran the heavy white threading from one flower to another, and NO, NONE OF THESE are variation of design, they are variation of lazy workmanship from China, I looked at the size 4 dress I tried on, and it’s perfect with maybe just 2 imperfections, I did not appreciate this, my dress should have the same quality as the one in the store, David's Bridal ordered another one for me, hoping it would be better, to my shock, the second replacement dress got worse, it came with fish odor again, no I’m serious, it smells like they just tossed the dress on the fisherman boat for two weeks for it to get here, it even has stains on it, with all the silver threading exposed again, this time, they even tie the threading knot ON THE OUTSIDE of the dress instead of tucking them in behind the flower, I was infuriating at this point, we are talking about VERA WANG here, and I know exactly what they are doing, they are hoping 99% of the people won’t notice it, but I do, especially if I paid over $1000 for the dress, and I think the reason why the size 4 dress in the store looks almost perfect is because they know which dress DB ordered for people to try on at the store, so of course they will pay extra attention to detail.

Profile Picture Lily, 2/28/18, 1 Review
Category: Dress & Attire

The White by Vera Wang line was truly a dream come true. I found the dress of my dreams, although it is still a bit pricy (for people who would prefer to not spend thousands of dollars). The dress was perfect, but I wish it was somewhere else instead of Davids Bridal. The staff there are not very helpful for the most part, and the seamstresses had attitude and were also not helpful and did not make me feel like a priority.

Profile Picture Christa, 7/22/12, 8 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire


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