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All I Want is You (Lyrical Violin Version)

by Vitamin String Quartet
Album: All I Want is You (String Quartet Tribute to U2)
Genre: Contemporary, Traditional

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There are no lyrics. It is a violin rendition of the U2 song

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Lynn says...
I would have never thought of using this song ... but I absolutely love U2 and my groom's mother, who is no longer with us, also loved U2... this song would be a tribute to her ...

Private User says...
This is actually a violin cover of With or Without You, which is one of my all-time favorite songs (although the lyrics don't fit with a wedding). It sounds beautiful; I'm definitely using it somewhere in my ceremony.

Sophea (Pia) says...
I love the violin and this song is perfect for the ceremony! I much prefer it without the's so romatic and so beautiful!

Richell says...
Me too Sophea, I think I may use this to go down the isle, I can see myself singing to it while walking down the isle, but it would also be a good processional too.

Diana says...

K & J 15' says...
I have always loved U2, and think this would be a beautiful song for my bridesmaids to walk down to for the processional. Yeah I just found what music they'll walk down to. So beautiful.
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