Having My First Major Irritation, and I'm 18 Days Away...
My bridal shower is tomorrow. It's VERY small and not a traditional gift-giving shower--just a chance for the girls in my family and the girls in his family to get to know each other. While the girls are getting to know each other, FH's eldest brother offered to take him out to shoot pool for awhile, and suggested they bring their dad. Apparently, their OTHER brother's wife got wind of this and decided that it was a bachelor party that her husband was being left out of... WE had thought it was going to be the three brothers and their dad out together all along. I should probably mention that both of us have mentioned on more than one occasion that we were not interested in having bachelor/bachelorette parties AT ALL. And also, that my shower is only planned to last about one-and-a-half hours since everyone has other things to do this weekend. So...this girl is stirring up family drama over an imaginary bachelor party that is only going to run about two hours....arghhh.....

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This is also the same couple who has not bothered to call us ONCE throughout our engagement. The rest of his family has practically been beating down the door trying to offer help and support any way they can. I'm not going to dwell on this, but it's late, I have to work tomorrow, it's the first day of my period, and I just want to throw a bit of a fit, without causing a scene....lol.

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some people are just not happy unless there is some kind of drama

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agreed Megan. Some people won't rest until feathers are ruffled. Brush it off, don't let her win by playing into her BS.

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Oh, we definitely won't. Like I said, I'm sensitive right this moment, but after having slept on it, I'm over it today, lol. Can't wait to see what she has to say about what I eat/don't eat today at the shower. It never fails. Always some comment about 'is that ALL you're gonna eat?' or 'aren't you HUNGRY?'....I'm a weight-loss consultant, and she's constantly monitoring whatever I put in my mouth, or saying things like 'this isn't "Jenny Approved" when she loads up her plate. FH and I always have a bet on how long it'll take before she says something. We just kinda look at each other and smile whenever one of us wins, lol.

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She sounds like a real trip - just let it roll off your back. She creates drama because she doesn't have anything better to do and wants to be the center of attention.

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I feel like everything is crashing down around me...last night, my sisters and I did our 'trial run' of our dresses. When we came downstairs to show our mom, her only reaction was to ask me if I'd had any of the alterations done yet. I'm not even interested in wearing the dress anymore. My future MIL and I have spent 3 months working on this dress and my mom pretty much told me I look like an idiot.
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