Planning Basics

While your engagement is sure to be a fun and exciting time, there’s some work involved, too. We’re here to help make the wedding planning process as stress-free as possible, and provide loads of helpful advice. Whether you’re setting your budget, choosing a venue, or learning about the latest wedding trends, you’ll find everything you need to know about wedding planning right here.

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8 Things You Shouldn't Post on Social Media After Getting Engaged

Just said yes? Go ahead and spread the happy news online—but be careful about what you share. Here are eight things you should never post on social media after getting engaged.

By Sarah Hanlon, May 14, 2021


How to Set a Wedding Budget: The 8 Questions You Need to Answer

Figuring out how to set a wedding budget isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Just answer a few questions and you’ll have your wedding finances ready to go.

By Kim Forrest, May 13, 2021


Average Wedding Budget vs. Reality: How to Avoid the Overspending Trap

What’s the difference between a couple’s initial wedding budget and what they actually spend on their big day? A lot, it turns out.

By Kim Forrest, May 12, 2021

Planning Basics

The COVID-19 Wedding Safety Email You Need to Send Your Guests

This may be one of the toughest emails you’ll ever write—but we’re here to help craft the perfect pre-wedding safety message to your loved ones.

By Kim Forrest, May 10, 2021

Planning Basics

Can You Require Guests to Get Vaccinated Before Your Wedding?

With more and more people getting vaccinated against COVID-19 every day, couples are deciding whether or not to require the shot to attend their wedding. Here, experts weigh the options.

By Lindsay Tigar, May 7, 2021

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The 7 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage

If you’re staying at home more than usual these days, it might be time for some serious conversations. From kids to finances, these are the most important questions to ask before marriage.

By Lindsay Tigar, May 5, 2021


The Top 35 Wedding Questions Your Guests Will Definitely Ask You

Congrats! You're engaged! As the big day approaches, these are the wedding questions you'll want to have answers for at the ready.

By Kim Forrest, May 3, 2021

Planning Basics

The 11 Wedding Planning Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Just engaged and starting your wedding countdown? Here are the wedding planning questions you'll have to ask yourself early on in the process.

By Lauren Rodrigue, April 29, 2021

Planning Basics

How a Simple Checklist Can Level up Your Wedding Planning

A simple wedding checklist can make the biggest difference when it comes to staying organized and on track throughout your wedding-planning process.

By Kim Forrest, April 28, 2021

Planning Basics

A Sample Morning Wedding Timeline for Your A.M. Celebration

If you're hosting a daytime ceremony and brunch reception, this morning wedding timeline is a must. And, yes, an early wake-up call is involved so get ready to set your alarm.

By Kim Forrest, April 27, 2021

Planning Basics

Brunch Weddings: Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Daytime Celebration

You don't have to be an early bird to enjoy the benefits of hosting a brunch wedding. We talked to wedding-planning experts to help you plan the ultimate morning event.

By Kim Forrest, April 22, 2021

Honeymoon Advice

Who Pays for the Honeymoon—and How?

Wondering who pays for the honeymoon? Here's our best advice for funding the trip of your lifetime—and how to get your loved ones to chip in.

By Lauren Rodrigue, April 19, 2021

Planning Basics

17 Wedding Details Every Couple Forgets (But Shouldn’t)

Check out our wedding details checklist you’ll want to remember before you leave the house on your big day.

By Kim Forrest, April 19, 2021

Planning Basics

7 Small Wedding Details Not to Share Before Your Big Day

There should be an element of surprise on your big day, especially when it comes to these small wedding details.

By Kim Forrest, April 16, 2021

Planning Basics

Your 3-Month Wedding Planning Timeline

If you're planning a wedding in 3 months, here's an all-encompassing timeline for couples to make sure you check all the boxes.

By Kim Forrest, April 14, 2021

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15 Things NOT to Say Right After Getting Engaged

Remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. Here are some foot-in-mouth phrases to avoid.

By Alex Reardon, April 12, 2021