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A Million Kisses

by Cari Cole
Genre: Pop, Rhythm and Blues

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A Million Kisses For you My Love
A Million More Before Tomorrow's Dawn
A Million Kisses In A Million Seconds In A
Million Moments I fall in love with you

Your love is - Your love is
Your love is heavenly

A thousand prayers for you my love
A thousand more before tomorrow's end
A thousand prayers, a thousand miracles, a thousand suns
I am in love with you

Your heart is, your heart is heavenly

A million kisses in a million seconds
in a million moments, I fall in love in love with you

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Comments (3)

Fransuas says...
I actuall Love this song, Its perfect for my entrance down the isle.

Dominique says...
i love this song, the words say it all!

Kerry says...
wow, this song has me bawling. so beautiful.
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