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Down the Aisle

by Patti Labelle
Album: Down The Aisle (The Wedding Song)
Genre: Rhythm and Blues

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Down the aisle I'll walk with you
Just to hear the words I do
All of my life I want to be
Good and sweet till eternity

I do thee wed this day
With this ring we go our way
For better or worse I take thee wed
By your hand I will be led

Through the years we'll live in bliss
Life will be full of happiness
Oh chimes from the church bells will ring
With each hour they'll be rippling

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
I am yours to cherish and behold
With this little band of gold

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tra&rob says...
that my song that i be walking down the isle to

Marilyn says...
beautiful song need new singer!!

Kimberly says...
It is a good song but for so few words it is really draggeed out...

Mary says...
i love it i think this is the song !!!

LADONNA  says...
really like this song!

Charredfroglegs says...
I agree with Marilyn.

Kristi says...
yeah great song....but i singer

Latasha says...
Beautiful song terrible voice
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