July 1st Wedding- Invitation Etiquette?
Hey All! We're planning our July 1st wedding and sent our save the dates out last month. I am debating when I should be sending out our formal invitations. Due to the summer, holiday and the wedding being in a popular beach town, I want to give our guests plenty of time to make reservations and travel arrangements. I was thinking of sending them 6 months in advance...too soon? Thanks!!

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way too soon... you sent the STDs thats the whole point... i think if you send em too far out, ppl will forget. maybe in like February send an email reminder, lol... just to say HEY our wedding website is up and running (if it wasnt before) or its got new information (if it was already up).. this way they are reminded!!! without having to HANG ON to an invite... they'll lose it! lol
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Try this website http://paperpersuasions.com/ click get adive tab then go to wording etiquette. Hope this helps you!

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I agree with Sabrina K. the STD is for them to make travel arrangements and block out the date.

The invite needs to be sent the standard time, too many things could change such as times that the ceremony starts or people who RSVP yes will have to change to no and vice versa.

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Oh god waaaaaay too soon. Guests use the save the date and your website to start planning and make their travel arrangements. The first invte should go out about 2months in advance.

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I would wait until about 2 months before, your save the dates have already done their job of letting people know the where and when.

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Thanks ladies! I thought it may be too soon but I just wasn't sure due to the holiday and the location. Thanks for the advice :)
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I tend to agree.....you might include more info on the STD's than usual; room info, etc, because holiday weekends are crazy, but sending them that far out is going to assure a LOT of last minute changes that will make you nuts. Love holiday weddings!

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Did you put your wedding website on your Save The Dates? If so, you can put all the lodging info (hotel block or whatever) on your website for your guests to see there. I wouldn't send out invitations more than 3 months in advance.

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I just flew to Richmond, VA for a Oct 8 wedding. I received the STD in January. It was only addressed to me. I received the invitation in July. (I booked my airline tickets on July 7.)

So I did receive my invitation 3 months in advance. I was waiting for it to book my tickets. I did not know if I would have a "Plus 1" on my invitation. FH and I did not become engaged until Aug 17. I didn't want to assume I would have a "plus 1".

So if you think your guests might be unsure they get to bring a guest. Did you address the STDs with "Plus 1" or such?

ETA: My DW is in Florida on July 2. It's our vacation spot every year. And we usually book our airline tickets at the end of January.
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