ceremony programs ya or na
Do I need to do ceremony programs for a wedding of may be 65 ppl?
Ceremony and Reception are at the same place.
Does anyone have any pics of their ceremony signs?

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i really think the ceremony programs are "if you want to" expense. I have been to weddings that have and weddings that dont. i didnt care either way.
If it was a catholic mass, yes because I would want to know how much longer im require to sit there

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LOL @ Blair... that is exactly what I was thinking.... those catholic weddings can seem to last forever! :)

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Were not have programs.

However we are having a sort of sign that has the nights scheduled on it. People will see that when they walk in and then it will be displayed through the night so people can find out whats going on.

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It's entirely up to you. If you are having a long ceremony you might want one so that folks know how much is left. Or if you are incorporating a lot of personal or unique touches you might want to have a program to explain the meaning behind them.

Most of our friends and family are hither and yon, so we are doing a program to sort of introduce everyone. The bridal party all have little blurbs about how we know them and how important they are to us. I did them because I can design them myself and print them at home, so it will only cost me ink to do them.

Also keep in mind, you don't need a program per person, but per couple. Might save you some money and some trees. =)

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Completely agree with the ladies, we will not be doing programs, but I am debating on making crossword paddles for each seat at the ceremony. Its in mid July, so should be hot, plus I keep panicking that people will be bored waiting for things to begin if they arrive too early. So I want to give them something to do/read! As with Jen H. I will be printing them myself.. so just ink and cardstock!

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We didn't have them and I don't think anyone missed them. But as the ladies said, if you have a long ceremony it could help your guests. Also, typically in small weddings people know who other people are, so it's not necessary to "introduce" everyone.

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our ceremony will be about 30 mins. My dad is singing and we are doing a poem, and jumping the broom.
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if you are having an interfaith or intercultural ceremony, explanations are a very good idea. it helps to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. it has been my experience with the hundreds of ceremonies we've planned that when it is hot your guests won't be waiting in the heat. parasols or umbrellas for shade help, but when it is hot they will be waiting somewhere where there may be shade before they sit down. Also water helps to make your guests more comfortable.

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We did them, but I didn't feel like they were mandatory -- even though we only had 65 people, most of our guests did not know everyone - including the wedding party. It was also a place where we could remember the people who could not be there and we could thank all the guests for coming. Some people saved them, most didn't, but I knew that going in and did them pretty inexpensively on VP. If you don't have time/want to do them, then don't!

Oh and my "ring bearer" didn't carry a pillow, he rang a bell and yelled "Hear Comes the Bride" -- but he was 3 so I really didn't know what he was going to do, so the program provided a place to explain what was supposed to happen :)

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The ceremony is inside with air. Thank goodness. Our ceremony isn't religious and wordy.
I just don't want to print out 60 programs and have half still there. We met with our pastor and his wife yesterday. They are friends of mine and very cute. They had some programs left from their wedding almost 2 years ago and she threw out a whole box of them last week. I was thinking about doing 2 huge signs in near the where we are being married or even where people are walking in for people to look at.
What about that?
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Inside with air great idea during hot weather.
Love your idea about signs. If you don't need program for guests to use during ceremony - song to sing etc or an explanation of a ritual that is new to everyone, then signs should be fine. I've seen some very cool and innovative signage being used at weddings in the last year or so.

Sanam Zaer Photography

Sanam Zaer Photography
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I think ceremony lists really help organize your wedding. As a vendor, I always go and find the ceremony list so that I can follow exactly what's happening. As a guest, I like to do the same. At my own wedding, I made one on my own computer and printed it at Office Max. The total cost was a very negligible amount :)

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We are having them and having the long cathlic wedding. Ours are not going to be the typical sequence of events programs. We are simply stating who is who and doing a little thank you and memorial.

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I'd say yay...you can keep it simple & inexpensive. IMO, People like to know what's next...sounds like a possible DIY project to me :)
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