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Wedding Catering Tips

Food tends to be one of the most remembered details of a wedding. Here are some tips when looking for a catering vendor:

  1. Buffet dinners can help accommodate your guest's varying food tastes.

  2. Inquire about what linens & decorations your caterer will provide.

  3. Be sure to schedule a tasting, it's both necessary and fun!

  4. To save some money, consider only having your wedding cake for dessert.

  5. Ask about serving blended wines to satisfy a wider range of pallets.

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Wedding caterers may have the single most significant impact on your guests overall experience on your wedding day. Everyone knows that the food at an event is always one of the most popular topics of conversation and of course this is just one more opportunity for them to lavish praise upon you.

Great wedding caterers are much more than great chefs, they have an in depth understanding of the events of the day and their place in the grander scheme. The best wedding caterers will not only create a menu that will wow the taste buds, but also provide service that will help create a beautiful atmosphere and keep your party on track.

Wedding catering services typically have a specific selection of menus including appetizers, main courses and desserts and while their standard menus should represent their particular specialties, don't be afraid to ask for a few special touches that will make the menu your own. Also, be sure to check with the venue before getting too far into the process of selecting wedding reception catering because some venues have strict policies about outside vendors.

Selecting wedding caterers that is often one of the most fun tasks in the planning process. Make sure to start by requesting some referrals and talking to at least two previous clients. This is critical because wedding caterers are really responsible for much more than just food and a previous client will be able to tell you how well they did with set up, service and clean up. Next request a sample session! Wedding caterers will typically prepare a few samples of everything that you are considering for the menu and usually this sample session is free of charge. For wedding caterers, the sample meal is part of their sales process, so bring a friend or two and don't feel bad about indulging. Wedding catering services know that this is their chance to win your business.

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