Honeymoons Inspired by Movies


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Honeymoons in movies can often get complicated with plot twists and funny, unexpected turns of events. As fun as it is to watch a romantic or catastrophic honeymoon unfold, we can’t help but notice the honeymoon settings. We’ve listed a few movies that are known for their honeymoon scenes and hope that they provide you with some destination inspiration.

     Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Inspiration: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1

In the third installment of this tale about vampires and everlasting love, Twilight characters Edward and Bella tie the knot and then take off to a private honeymoon location on what is called “Esme Island” in the movie. However, “Esme Island,” owned by Edward’s mother in the film, is actually a tropical location in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The lovebirds stay at a luxury vacation home that is so remote, it can only be reached by helicopter or boat. The impressive six bedroom home is a bit pricey for honeymooners that are not on a make-believe budget, but the surrounding areas of Rio are every bit as romantic for your fantasy South American honeymoon.