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6 Ways to Incorporate Color into Your Wedding Other than Florals

Your wedding color scheme can be displayed in more ways than you think—we’re talking furniture, attire, and even cocktails!

wedding glassware

One of the first wedding-planning decisions you’ll make is selecting your color scheme. Color schemes are important because they help tie all of your wedding decor together to create a cohesive event. While your wedding’s palette will likely be displayed through your floral arrangements, there are numerous other ways to showcase your color scheme—some of which may surprise you. WeddingWire worked with the Pantone Color Institute to create four brand-new palettes and share the most unique ways to infuse color into your big day.    

Enhance your color scheme by including these ideas on your big day.

wedding stationery


As the first thing that guests associate with your wedding, your invitations are a great opportunity to share a sneak peek of your color scheme. Couples can add color on their invite’s envelope, or with a patterned border, on the actual text, and through the overall design. Stationery is easy to customize to your color palette, tying together your whole wedding look.

bride on magenta chair


Couples are utilizing furniture at their wedding in a variety of ways, from creating lounge areas where guests can hang out to displaying escort cards and signage. Furniture can also be an unexpected color source, adding pops of hue that complement your wedding’s palette. Work with your rentals company to select pieces, from velvet chaises to vintage dressers, that match your color scheme. Not only will these pieces add color to your reception, they can also make perfect backdrops for photos!



Your decor isn’t the only place where you can infuse color into your wedding. Personalize your wedding attire by incorporating color into your dress or suit. Many groomsmen are opting for colored suits - we are seeing navy and burgundy everywhere in 2019, or for subtler look, try a colored tie or vest. Brides may wear a white dress with a colored shoe, or even go for an all-over colored dress.



Cocktails are a fun and unexpected way to add color to your wedding reception and cocktail hour. Couples can create a drink that matches their personality and color scheme - this punch of blue from our ‘Paradise Found’ palette definitely makes a statement. When adding garnishes to signature cocktails, fruit, straws, paper drink umbrellas, and herb leaves all can add color. Don’t forget to think about how you are serving these cocktails, your wedding bar and glassware can add pops of color, too.

place setting


Place settings can pair with centerpieces to create a cohesive color scheme. Plates, linens, and candles are available in almost every color, so matching these with the overall color scheme will tie everything together. This is also a great way for couples to get creative with place cards and menus - finding unique ways to display this information can make your tablescape that much more interesting and interactive!

wedding cake

Wedding Cake

When thinking of ways to incorporate their color palette to their wedding, couples should consider their cake. Your cake baker can add color to your cake using frosting, flowers, and other garnishes. These floral garnishes from our ‘Stroke of Midnight’ palette add a vibrant, yet romantic contrast to the otherwise white cake. Wedding cakes in 2019 are also becoming more unique - couples are adding metallic elements, fruits, and darker hues. Because there are so many ways to decorate a wedding cake, it’s a great way to add personality (and color!) to your reception.