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This is the Average Cost of a Bachelorette Party in 2019

The average cost of a bachelorette party may give you sticker shock. Here, we'll go through the factors that make all the difference in how much a bachelorette bash costs—and how you can save.

bachelorette tattoos

bachelorette tattoos

Whether you’re attending your first bachelorette party or have been to dozens, you probably already know that these celebrations can be pretty pricey! If you’re wondering what the average cost of a bachelorette party is, here’s the short answer: It really varies. Bachelorette parties range from a night out on the town to full-blown vacations complete with flights, hotels, and more. With the help of a recent WeddingWire study, we took a deeper look into the cost of bachelorette parties—and are here to give you the inside scoop to help you properly budget for your next pre-wedding event.

Prepare for some sticker shock—here’s everything you need to know about the average cost of a bachelorette party right now. 

So, how much can I expect to spend on a bachelorette party?

The majority of bachelorette party attendees can expect to spend about $350 on the event. However, there are several factors that go into the average cost of a bachelorette party, which can cause the cost to increase to thousands of dollars. In fact, according to our study, 1 in 5 bachelorette partygoers spent close to $1,000 or more to attend a celebration!

In order to keep your budget in check, we’ve broken down the most important factors that can affect a bachelorette party’s cost:


This may come as no surprise, but parties that require their attendees to travel long distances usually cost more than hometown events. When looking at people who flew on an airplane to attend a destination bachelorette party, 40 percent spent more than $1,000 on the event, while 1 in 10 spent a whopping $4,000 (or more!).

So if you’re looking to save money on a bachelorette party, choose a location that’s convenient to the majority of your attendees. And despite what you may see on Instagram, flying to a bachelorette party destination is not the norm. According to our study, only 17 percent of bachelorette partygoers flew to the event’s location—nearly half drove.  


The bachelorette party’s destination also plays a major role in the amount you’ll spend. Bachelorette parties that take place in major cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas, tend to cost more than those that occur in smaller towns. According to our study, 61 percent of attendees spent more than $300 when attending a bachelorette party in a major city. If you're looking for an affordable bachelorette party destination, some of our favorites include Savannah, Georgia; Austin, Texas, and more. 

Length of time

Bachelorette parties aren’t just single-day affairs anymore. According to our study, 56 percent of females are celebrating for two or more days—and this plays a major role in the average cost of a bachelorette party. While the average cost of a single-day bachelorette party is about $317, that number increases as you add more days to the event. The average cost of a two-day bachelorette party is $579, a three-day event costs about $773, and events that last more than 5 days (yup, eight percent of bachelorette parties are more than 5 days long!) cost an average of $1,900!  

This is important to note whether you’re planning or attending a bachelorette party. For those who are planning an event, know that the longer the festivities last, the more your guests will pay. And if you’ve been invited to an event that lasts more than a day or two and you’re on a tight budget, consider leaving the event early or arriving late to help save money.   


If you’re a maid of honor planning a bachelorette party, it can be easy to get swept away on Instagram and Pinterest and find super-cute decorations, fun favors, and even some, er, naughty paraphernalia to make the celebration unique. According to our study, more than a third of bachelorette parties included favors and/or customized gear, like t-shirts, temporary tattoos, and more.  

Yes, these goodies certainly make Instagram-worthy photo ops, but they can add significant cost to an event. As you’re putting together a bachelorette party, don’t go overboard with the swag. Set a budget for your décor and giveaways and look for affordable items (check out WeddingWire Shop) to help you stick to it.