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Sometimes you just can’t make it to every pre-wedding function, and that's perfectly okay. At some point in your life, you will have to deal with #FOMO, and if it has to be because you can’t make it to a bach-party, don’t fret! We’ve rounded up some ideas to help you avoid any fears of missing out on the fun-filled weekend.

Just check out these seven ways to help you cope or feel like you are actually there!

Pre-order a bottle of bubbly
Surprise the group with a bottle of champagne for them to celebrate with. This is perfect if the bach-party is heading to dinner to kick start the festivities. They’ll be pleasantly surprised when they sit down and their waiter pops open a fresh bottle of champs that’s from you.

Follow the hashtag
You can easily keep up with all of the bachelorette or bachelor activities by following your friends’ bach-hashtag. You also can help come up with the fun/funny hashtag by using WeddingWire’s bach-hashtag generator! Just make sure everyone tags their photos from the weekend with the hashtag. Then you can stay in touch by commenting and liking all of the photos!

Listen to their bach-playlist
If you really want to feel like you are at your friend's party, then we suggest putting on their bach-party playlist. Whether you are in the car or getting ready, you’ll feel like you are jamming out with all the girls or guys.

Group text
Definitely stay in touch by creating a group text thread. You can easily shoot a text saying how much you love all of their bach-swag and also receive hilarious photos and texts from throughout the night. You even can make a quick video call while they are all getting ready to tell them to have fun and that you wished you were there.

Plan your own night out with the bride or groom-to-be
If you really want to do something special for the bride or groom-to-be, then plan a night out with them before the bach-party. This can be a simple dinner and drinks or a lunch and shopping date. Getting together with them will be a nice way to spend some time catching up and, of course, to celebrate!

Send them survival kits
Filled with all the essentials to cure the morning after a big night out, a survival kit will be the perfect gift to send to your friends at the bach-party. They will be so grateful for the pain relievers, Gatorade and other goodies. Just pack a small kit for each person and make sure to give it to the MOH or best man before the trip.

Create a video from the S.O.
Help create a personal video of the bride or groom-to-be’s S.O. This is a great way to add something sentimental and sweet to the bach-party, where everyone can watch while they are getting ready for the night. Just sit down with their S.O. and have them say a few sweet words to all of the girls or guys then send it out the first night of the bach-party.