bachelorette party themes

Planning a “last fling before the ring” for a super special bride-to-be? It’s time to start coming up with bachelorette party themes. First rule, make it something she loves! The bachelorette theme you choose should be totally memorable for the bride, so you’ll want to choose something that speaks to her personality and interests. Second rule, well, there really are no other rules! The bachelorette party theme can be as wild or as tame as you’d like, and you can go for completely amazing decorations from WeddingWire Shop, or opt for just a hint of a theme. Anything goes! 

So whether you’re planning a destination bachelorette party, or simply an all-female fete nearby, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite bachelorette party themes for you to try on for size. What’s more, many of these can be combined with fun group outings and activities for the whole crew. 

So put your party planning hat on and get ready to dive into our list of fun bachelorette party themes—plus a few decor and favor ideas to tie everything together!

yoga mat

Namaste to the Fiancée

If you’re looking for a low-key bachelorette party theme, why not schedule a group yoga class to bend, stretch, and take a break from the craziness of wedding planning? This is a particularly great idea if your bride-to-be isn’t into the partying scene, but wants a bachelorette event that focuses more on self-care and fitness. Whether you’ve got a group of yoga pros or newbies, a group class is a great bonding opportunity for the ‘maids. 

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tropical beach towels

Aloha Bride

Maybe she’s a bride that dreams of tropical locales, or maybe you’ll actually be hitting one up! Either way, consider throwing a luau for her bachelorette party, where you all get “lei’d.” Whether you go all in with a pig roast or simply snag some pineapple and palm-themed decorations, this adorable theme is sure to be a hit. Feature a table of finger foods like Hawaiian-inspired kabobs and a beautiful spread of fresh fruit, and be sure to include several fruity drink options!

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personalized nautical totes

Last Sail Before the Veil

There’s something so elegant and upscale about the classic navy-and-white nautical look. That’s why this bachelorette party theme makes our list of favorites. Decoration options are pretty much endless—anything navy and white will totally work! Not only that, you can choose to get a little dirty with a banner that reads, “Let’s Get Nauti” or keep it G-rated with a “Last Sail Before the Veil” theme. Either way, she’s sure to sail off into married life one happy gal!

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hair ties

Last Splash

For a fun twist on the nautical theme, why not try a mermaid theme for a bachelorette party that’s a shimmery show-stopper. You can choose to go full-stop Little Mermaid, with a pink, purple and aqua color scheme, or stick with a palette of ocean-like blues for a more adult vibe. Fun phrases like “Trading Her Tail for a Veil” or “Mermaid to Mrs” will set the tone for an evening that’s sure to be a splash hit! 

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harry potter sign

From Muggle to Mrs. 

If the bride is a die-hard Harry Potter fan (and really, who isn’t?), we’ve got the perfect bachelorette theme for you! Hang a banner that reads, “From Muggle to Mrs” as your starting point, then hit up Pinterest for games and printables sure to make the night full of Hogwarts-inspired magic.  

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bachelorette party swimsuits

Final Fiesta/Margaritas for Our Señorita 

Send the bride off to married life with a Mexican-themed bash featuring free-flowing margaritas and you guessed it…a taco bar. Taco ‘bout a good time! With tons of fun, colorful decoration possibilities, like papel picado banners and more, you simply can’t go wrong with this festive theme.

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beer glass

Cheers and Beers 

Craft brew is totally having its moment. That’s why a bachelorette brewery tour sounds like a great bet. Round up some transportation, hand out some custom mugs or beer glasses and you’re off on this super-simple bachelorette party theme. 

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bbq cups

Bachelorette BBQ 

This bachelorette party theme is ALL about the food. This one requires a full spread of BBQ fare along with lots of different sauces and toppings. You could opt to have it catered, or, if you’re really feeling extra, you could set up your own BBQ pit in the backyard. This fun theme lends itself to pretty much any drinks and decorations you choose. 

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paris photo props

Ooh La La 

This bachelorette party theme is trés chic! Celebrate the bride with a French-inspired party complete with a macaron-covered cake and other regional confections like galettes and chocolate croissants. You’ll find no shortage of pink and black decorations to lend that Parisian vibe to the event. 

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bachelorette sash

Boots and Bling Before the Ring

Kick up your heels with a country/Western-inspired bachelorette bash. Whether you’ll actually be heading south for a crazy girl’s weekend or not, this bachelorette party theme can serve as an amazing backdrop for your fete. Headed to Nashville? Don’t forget to snag a totally apropos banner that reads “Last Bash in Nash.” Otherwise, some country-inspired tanks that read “Boots and Bling Before the Ring” make a fun addition to this theme. 

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traveling sign

Traveling from Miss to Mrs.

If the bride loves to travel, but a girl’s trip simply isn’t in the budget, throw her a travel-themed bachelorette party instead. How fun would it be to incorporate food from lots of different countries, like chocolate croissants or macaroons from France, tandoori chicken kabobs from India, or schnitzel from Germany? A stack of vintage suitcases would make a fun backdrop for a travel-inspired photo booth, and maps or globes are a budget-friendly way to round out the decorations as she travels from Miss to Mrs.

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wine glasses

Vino Before Vows 

Pop the cork and enjoy some bubbly together when you throw a wine-themed bachelorette party. Here, anything goes, like a chauffeured trip to several local vineyards or simply a tasteful affair at a restaurant that boasts an amazing wine selection. Need some festive decor? You can find cute balloons shaped like wine or champagne bottles, or simply choose a shimmery selection of wine-inspired colors like deep reds or iridescent pinks. Then, find some cute bachelorette favors that’ll let everyone know you’re celebrating in style.

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friends wine cup

He’s/She’s Her Lobster 

Who can forget everyone’s favorite ‘90’s sitcom? We certainly can’t, and that’s why we’ve included a Friends theme on this list of our top bachelorette party themes. From personalized glasses or mugs in that classic Friends font to tongue-in-cheek t-shirts with some of our favorite quotes, this is a theme that can suit pretty much any personality. 

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ring float

Sun and Sand and a Ring on Her Hand 

Calling all beach bums! For a bride-to-be who loves soaking up the sun, a classic beach-themed bach party is definitely in store! Stock up on flamingo or engagement ring floats, pineapple bunting banners, and more to truly embrace the theme. And don’t forget to flaunt those matching beach-inspired tanks that read “Seaside Bride” and “Seaside Tribe”!

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