Elizabeth Fogarty

A packed dance floor is the sign of a truly amazing wedding reception. And while there are some classic tunes that will bring everyone to their feet, it’s a good idea to mix the oldies with some new 2019 wedding songs to please guests of all ages. No matter where you taste in music leans, your DJ or bandleader can help direct you to newer tunes to give your reception that modern touch.  

We talked to music pros from around the country to find out their top picks for 2019 wedding songs, particularly those that will get everyone dancing.

“Love Someone” by Lukas Graham

Call this the 2019 wedding song version of “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. Yes, we have a feeling this will be a hot first dance song this year, but if you choose another tune for your big moment in the spotlight, this is a nice slow song to play to set a romantic mood.

“Taki Taki” by DJ Snake feat. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, and Cardi B

“This track gets the dance floor going!” says Nicole Otero of TCM DJ Events in Brooklyn, New York. It’s definitely a sexy song, so perhaps ideal to play later on in the evening or during the after-party.

“Shallow” by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

The top single from the hit film A Star is Born, this 2019 wedding song works for so many moments during your reception. It makes for a unique first dance song, an appealing slow song, and even a great last dance song that your guests will love singing along to.

“I Like Me Better” by Lauv

“Everyone, and I mean everyone (even your 80-year-old grandma!) is tired of hearing Christina Perri and Jack Johnson at all of the weddings,” says Kristin Cole of Sound Wave Events in Boise, Idaho. “This song brings that loving and romantic feel for dinner and cocktail hour, but is new and fresh.”

“Tints” by Anderson .Paak feat. Kendrick Lamar

“One of the singles off of Anderson .Paak's highly anticipated record, this is one of the rare records that will get your cool work friends and your family dancing at the same time, making it a great warm up track,” says James Thomas of Peach & Gold in Culver City, California. “Plus, when is the last time you saw grandma grooving to a Kendrick Lamar verse? Chances are: never.”

“Lost in Japan (Remix)” by Shawn Mendes and Zedd

The smooth vocal stylings of Shawn Mendes will certainly draw your guests to the floor, and this 2019 wedding song is reminiscent of those Justin Timberlake tracks that were so popular in the recent past. “It builds a little slow, but about 40 seconds in, transforms into a fun, vibrant club feel,” says Matt Martindale of Amore' DJ Entertainment, Lighting and Photo Booth in Estes Park, Colorado.

“Speechless” by Dan + Shay

Many music pros think this will be the top first dance song of 2019, but if you’re going a different route, it’s still worth playing this tune for one of the slow dances at your reception.

“thank u, next” by Ariana Grande

Yes, we know it’s a breakup song, but your guests won’t be able to resist this pop tune. We can just hear bridal parties around the country scream-singing the lyrics to this one. “This song is such a hit; it will carry over through to 2019 for sure!” says Otero.

“1999” by Charli XCX and Troye Sivan

“The nostalgia-fueled banger is especially impactful at a wedding when you're surrounded by childhood friends,” says Thomas.

“Wow.” by Post Malone

“2018 was an amazing year for rap and we do not see that stopping anytime soon,” says Cole. “Post Malone just released this song that we think is a late-night dance party in 2019.”