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Thats What Mamas Do

by Jason Matthews
Album: That's What Mamas Do
Genre: Country

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She`ll change a dirty diaper,
wipe a runny nose
Get a two day purple Kool-Aid
stain right out of your clothes
And she'll put her last spare dollar under your pillow,
when you lose a tooth
She'll bust down your door,
and drag you out of bed
Make you sit right next to her in church,
wearing your Sunday best
And when she bows her head to pray,
you can bet she's saying one for you
That's what mamas do
They raise you,
ground you Build their whole world around you
With no care for the hell they'll go through
That's what mamas do
She'll keep up with all your girlfriends,
scare off the ones she hates
She'll get a new grey hair and a wrinkle to spare
every time you come home late
And when you leave to chase that dream,
she's gonna cry when she walks by your empty room
She'll call and sing you happy birthday,
when everybody else forgets On your wedding day,
she'll joke and say,
where are my grandkids?" Oh,
and when she finally gets 'em
she'll spoil 'em rotten the way her mama did with you
That's what mamas do
They raise you,
ground you
Build their whole world around you
And they'll carry the weight of your world too
That's what mamas do
But she'll get old and fragile,
and the end will come too soon
And she'll let go and you'll hold on,
the way all children do And you'll miss her,
mourn her Leave pretty flowers for her
And you'll cry like the baby she knew
And she'll hear you,
guide you And pray the light finds you
She'll never stop watching over you
Oh, until you're up there, too

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futuremrs.stetson says...
I think this is the perfect song for a mother son dance. I love it.

Tess says...
When I heard this song. It decribed the relationship of Andy & his Mom. It's the PERFECT Mother-Son Song!

R&C says...
aww, this song made me cry! definetly perfect for us...

Nicole says...
I really hope Chris likes this song... definately made me cry, and I'm sure his mom and everyone else will feel the same!

Jeanne says...
oh yeah-this one is a tear jerker alright! But I believe it's the one.

amanda says...
Think this is the one...

robin says...
almost had me hooked until the last lyrics - to depressing. It supposed to be a happy time.

Nick says...
I'm with you... great song... need to edit the end tho. little too depressing for a mother-son dance at the end of it.

Dave says...
Good song!

Sara Beth says...
Simply Perfect.

Sydne says...
I love the first two verses of this song. Possible mother-son dance song? Hopefully our DJ will be able to fade the song out before the third verse, though!
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