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A Mother's Song

by T Carter
Genre: Contemporary




Tying little shoe laces
Wiping off dirty faces
Are just a couple of things
That a mother will do?

Mending a broken heart
Is only just a part
Of the care and the love
That I?ve given you?

With a Kool-aid smile
And a sparkle in your eyes
I wrap you in my arms
And whisper this advice?

Be strong, be kind
Be patient and in time
You?ll find out, my son
What true love is all about

Be faithful and be true
Show love in all you do
Then you?ll know, just how
You make your mother proud

Now, little boy days have passed
And you?ve grown up so fast
But in my heart
That little boy will never be far?

So on this blessed day
There?s so much I want to say
But above all, I thank God
For the man that you are?

With a tender smile
And a twinkle in your eyes
I wrap you in my arms
And whisper this advice?

Be strong, be kind
Be patient and in time
You?ll find out, my son
What true love is all about

Be faithful and be true
Show love in all you do
Then you?ll know, just how
You make your mother proud

You?ve made your mother so proud?

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nathan says...
i love this song i think my would cry as i call her to the floor for a dance with her son as they say morthers always have the last word

Johnson-Jumper says...
when i call my mother to the floor for our dance i would be crying because it would be our first dance together and mothers do always have the last word.

Bopeep says...
Love it,

Bopeep says...
Beautiful song for TJ and his Mama! Love you TJ

jessica anderson says...
this song is soo perfect for my fiance and his mother

mickey says...
This song is awesome, there are not many songs for the mother/son.

urlilgal09 says...
my fiance and his mom dont get along but i hope he will dance with his mom to this song cuz it would just make everything perfect

Amanda says...
so I am trying to pick a song to dance to with my 10 year old son at MY wedding. I want him to be as big a part of the wedding as me and my fiance (almost. lol) because I don't feel like it is just ME marrying my fiance, it is my son as well. He is also giving me away, because since he is my child and lives with us, I feel it is his opinion, more than my parents, that matters. (I have broken off one engagement because my son simply didn't like the guy and he was terrible with my son and didn't much care for kids) I would like to pick a song I can dance to again with him at HIS wedding someday. I think it would be special. Since he is 10, it will be edited down to about a minute long (so I can cut out the part about being a man) but I think this song is PERFECT! It made me cry...

Letesha says...
This song is perfect for my son and I. He's 15 but will be 16 when I get married. My son is walking me down the isle and giving me away because I lost my Dad 5 years ago and Zach is the perfect man to fill his shoes!

Tammy says...
I absolutely love this song. I think I am going to see if you my fiancee will dance with his mom to this song.

matthew says...
I think it would be a perfect song to dance with my mom.

Kimberly says...
Perfect song

Kandy says...
Wow started crying I have a son of my own as well so this realy hit home

Steven says...
Does anyone know if you can download this song?

Yvonne says...
The perfect song for the mother/son dance.

Jane says...
I will be dancing with my oldest son to this song at my wedding this October. I love the idea from the lady earlier who said she would want to then in turn use this song to dance with him at his wedding. Great idea! Thanks!

Pam says...
My son is getting married next month and he and my future daughter-in-law were just here trying to decide on a song for my son and I to dance to. I love this song, but I dont know if I would be able to get through the dance without crying my eyes out. Wonderful song!!!!!

Lynnette says...
this song is beautiful. If only it didn't cost $10 to download one song.

T Carter Music ~ New & Original Wedding Songs! says...
My music does cost a little more, but please understand that I'm an independent music company with low sales volume. The investment in my songs is pretty significant and I simply charge more to keep the doors open at T Carter Music. I think $10 is a small price to pay to have a special moment on a wedding day. And, if it's too much, there are many other great wedding songs out there you can choose from. I've even been known to steer customers to the competition so that they can find just the right song they need.

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Marisa says...
This song made me cry when i heard it. My son is almost two but i want to dance with him to it and when he gets older and gets married i hope to dance with him to this song too. He will be almost 3 when i get married he is my only child and i love him no words could decribe how much i love him.

kayla says...
I'm with you, Pam V. My son is also getting married next month and this
will be our first dance every, I don't know if I will make it thru the dance either without crying like a baby. But maybe by the dance I will be all cried out, from
the rest of the day. Perfect song.

Megan says...
Perfect song, absolutely using it!!!!!

Heidi says...
Thank you so much for this song. I have 3 grown sons and am finally getting remarried after 30 years of being a single mother. my boys are giving me away. this is perfect for me and my youngest boy who finished his 2nd tour in iraq last year and came home to find his wife cheating and he divorced her. so this is perfect for him & I

Heidi says...
a mother always finds ways to give encouragement to her children no matter what

rhonda says...
This was my song at our wedding my son walked me down the isle and this was our mother son dance

Anonymous says...
This is a really great mother/son song. Will be playing this one for my fiance to listen to on the candidate list!

Private User says...
Simple fix, either record the song off of the internet or have the dj hook up an iphone to youtube and play it from there. Dont get scammed out of $10. He should offer the song as a single download for .99 cents.

T Carter Music ~ New & Original Wedding Songs! says...
Hi Mark D. It's disappointing that you would suggest pirating my music illegally off of the Internet but that's out of my control. My song is available on iTunes. Regardless of what you think the song is worth, it is very difficult for an independent songwriter such as myself to turn any type of profit at prices that low considering our low sales volume. I appreciate the strong positive feedback for my songs but I have to say that I'm disappointed that you or your mother chose my song for your dance but didn't feel like that special moment was worth a $10 song.

T Carter Music ~ New & Original Wedding Songs! says...
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julie says...
I chose this song to dance with my oldest son at his wedding last summer. I knew I would cry and I couldn't stop! It is the most beautiful song ever! I cannot understand why anyone would complain about paying $10 for such a beautiful song on such a meaningful day! I have a second son getting married now, don't know what song we'll dance to, but it will be hard to measure up to tcarter's "A Mother's Song." Thanks for writing such a beautiful song, I have great memories of my son's wedding! (Still cry when I listen to it!)

Emily says...
Mother and Groom song DEFINITELY!

MrsE says...
My groom and his mom danced to this song. So sweet and perfect.
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