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All to You

by DJ Keo
Album: All To You (Mother Son Wedding Song)
Genre: Contemporary

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Can I have this dance with you one more time. Before I start down the road of my brand new life.
There’s no way to thank you, for all that you have done. No matter how old I get I will always be your son.
Riding trikes and my dirt bikes, and crashing in the sand. I probably scared you half to death, “Hey mom look no hands”.
You were my best friend, you were my number one fan. Every time that I got hurt, you were there to hold my hand.

(Chorus One): I may not call you as much as I should. I may not say I love you as much as I could. But you’ve got to know this one thing is true. The person I’ve become and all I am I owe it all to you. I owe it all to you. All to you.

When I left home I was wild I was free. I made every mistake you could make but you still believed in me.
Looking back I was a brat when I thought I knew it all. But every time that I fell short you were there to catch my fall.
You taught me how to give and how to be a man.
There was love in all you did and now I understand.
When you’re far away from me just play this song out loud.
And when you think of me well I hope I made you proud.

(Chorus Two): I may not call you as much as I should. I may not say I love you as much as I could. But you’ve got to know this one thing is true. The person I’ve become and all I am. My life my wife my family and my friends, I owe it all to you. I owe it all to you.
Hey mom I love you.

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stacy says...
Wow. We had this played at our wedding. It was amazing. You could really feel the emotion in the room. Perfect song for groom-mom.

Tara says...
We have searched tons of songs. This one is simply the best. It is not too delicate like most, but it really touches the heart, and still sounds like something you would hear on the radio today. Jim's mom is going to cry the first 10 seconds.
We are going with "Daddy's Angel" for the Father Daughter dance. It's good, but not quite in the same league as this one.

Amanda says...
We chose this song for our wedding. Awesome. Glad it was there, we were not happy with our previous choice. Does anyone know who DJ Keo is? We have never heard of him before this song. Well, anyways, the song is incredible.

Jake says...
Cool Song! Things I've wanted to say, are mostly in this one. I am not the best at saying these things to my mom, so the song said it all for me. Now we need a good one for the garter toss that we haven't heard in all the weddings we have been at.

Kelly says...

Joan says...
this song just fits nick to a tee. i alwayss am telling him to call his mom, but he is not the best with the whole "mom i love you" thing, but i think she will LOOOVE this at our wedding, we r thinking about getting it to her for mothers day i think it is only on itunes not sure

janelle says...
We are off to Hawaii!!! So Excited. Our wedding was perfect. This song was perfect. Our DJ made us a CD of all our wedding songs, and we are putting it into our ipod for Hawaaii. Psyched!

Anne says...
WE loooove this song. Does anyone know if there is a song like this one for the Father Bride song?? So cool. Lyrics=10 Style=10 Emotion= 10
We are getting married in Hawaii and then having the reception party in Jacksonville with our family and most of our friends.

Arlene says...
Amazing. Cried the first time through, and the second...

Lana says...
We had this song for our Mom Son Dance. It was a great moment. I had several people ask me who sang this song and if it was available to the public. I know it is on itunes, but I don't know where else it is.

Angel says...
Scott (DJ Keo) not only was our DJ, we also used his "Groom- Mother" song for that dance. We have known Scott for years. We made sure he was available BEFORE we set our date. He books up a year and a half out on many dates. He was great as usual for our wedding, and we have had a ridiculous amount of guests say the same thing to us, many weeks after our wedding. His song "All To You" is really picking up steam across the U.S. and we played it at our wedding and it was quite a perfect moment for Frankie and his mom. What else can I say. He is probably among the top DJs in the country, but his current price does not reflect it, and he's got a killer song!!

I love this song it's a perfect match for any mother/son dance!!! All my grooms are really liking this song!!! Good Job!

molly says...
hey guys i am in love with this song but i can't seem to find it anywhere!! how did you guys get it...besides mp3

Jackie says...
My Mother in Law Cried the first time i played this for her, and so did my soon to be Husband, thants how i knew it was the perfect one.....

Christine says...
This song is amazing and not slow and boring like a lot of others! I love it!

ashley says...
Finally! I have been searching and searching forever to find the most perfect song for my fiance and his mom. This one is absolutely PERFECT! They both love it so much and it fits them so perfect, this song is the one! Thank you so much weddingwire or I would have been searching for even longer!


Savannah says...
Thank you Wedding Wire for having this song in your Mother-son dance library..... My son had asked asked for suggestions and I sent him a list.... and HE chose this one.... Too bad more people don't know the lyrics...It certainly has the words any mother (or Father) would like to hear on her son's wedding day...and the melody gave way to a few twirls on the dance floor!
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