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Wedding Ceremony Songs
Prelude Songs
Played prior to the beginning of the actual ceremony.
Processional Songs
Played as the wedding party and important guests are seated.
Bride Entrance Songs
Played as the bride walks down the aisle.
Interlude Songs
Unity Candle, special music, and transition songs.
Recessional Songs
Played as the couple and wedding party leaves the ceremony.
Postlude Songs
Played while guests leave, after the Recessional.
Wedding Reception Songs
First Dance Songs
The bride and groom's first dance!
Mother Son Songs
Share a special song with mom.
Father Daughter Songs
Share a special song with dad.
Anniversary Songs
Invite all those that are married already to join you on the dance floor to celebrate their marriages.
Cake Cutting Songs
Cutting the cake is not only a time-honoured tradition, but can also be messy.
Last Dance Songs
Save the best for last. Conclude your perfect day with the perfect last dance song!
The wedding songs that you choose to play throughout your big day will truly have a much bigger impact on your event than most people realize. Music sets the ambiance for your event, wedding music will enhance the emotions felt by you and your guests throughout every stage of the day.

Have you ever noticed that when a movie has a terrific soundtrack it just makes the movie so much better? That is because music truly tells us what to feel and while choosing appropriate wedding songs is one thing, choosing the perfect wedding songs to convey not only the emotion of the moment but the underlying message that you want to express to your bride / groom, friends and family is truly an opportunity to enhance the overall experience for everyone.

That is why at we have created one of the most incredible tools available anywhere to help you choose wedding songs take your atmosphere to the stratosphere.

Many people approach the selection of wedding music considering all of their favorites, however there are some events where popular music simply won't do. For instance, wedding ceremony songs. Typically these are classical or at least somewhat outside what most consider everyday listening. To get some great ideas of wedding ceremony songs click the category of wedding songs that you want to explore, then click any song in the list to listen and view a video featuring that song.

Many popular wedding songs have simply endured the test of time because of the timeless message they convey and classic style they bring to the moment when they are played. Of course most couples have some very specific wedding songs that they already know they want played at very specific times throughout the day. However, the typical wedding will have anywhere from 90 - 140 wedding songs that play throughout the reception alone.

The right wedding reception songs will let your guests know when to expect the grand entrance of the wedding party, when it's time for cocktails, food, mingling and of course when it's time to dance.

Do yourself a huge favor and spend some time having fun with our tremendous selection of wedding songs. We guarantee that you'll get some great ideas for the wedding songs that you'll want creating atmosphere on your special day.

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