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There’s much to think about for couples planning weddings in Houston. Beyond the logistics of how to get married in Houston (like, how to obtain a marriage license and such), there’s also where to host your ceremony and will you have an indoor or outdoor reception. Not to mention weather, accommodations for out-of-town guests and the like. Before you mark anything on your wedding planning checklist, you’re going to want to consult this ultimate getting married in Houston guide.

Here’s what you need to know about weddings in Houston.

The ABC’s of H-Town

Houston and its sprawling environs is a very large and densely populated place to navigate. The nation’s fourth largest city is home to just about everything an engaged couple would want or need to plan their perfect shindig, whether it’s an intimate affair or a high-society downtown affair. But, with lots of options comes lots of decisions, so you’ll need to have a firm idea of what you’re looking for in a Houston wedding venue.

As far as planning, near year-round warm weather makes just about any month a great month for a Houston wedding, but June, October and December are the most popular months for couples in this area. Most couples plan for 13 months, invite about 125 wedding guests and hire 13 wedding vendors for their wedding celebrations.

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Venues for Weddings in Houston

Venue shopping will be one of the first things you’ll do as you plan your wedding, so go into as prepared as possible. With so much to choose from in Houston and Southeast Texas, you’ll want to know your wedding aesthetic, how many wedding guests you’re expecting and your wedding budget before heading to this important step.

Here are some of our favorite venues for weddings in Houston:

  • Ousie’s Table: An Uptown treasure that moonlights as a wedding venue, this Southern and Cajun restaurant is perfect for the foodie couple. Learn more about Ousie’s Table »
  • Chandelier Grove:A rustic barn venue with lots of sparkle, Chandelier Grove mixes country and chic with exposed wood beams set off by glittering lights. Learn more about Chandelier Grove »
  • Station 3: This stunning converted loft space is just steps from downtown Houston and boasts charm only a former horse-drawn carriage station turned fire station could muster. Learn more about Station 3 »
  • River Oaks Garden Club: Forum of Civics: If you ever wanted to be married in a space straight out of The Secret Garden, you’ve found it. Hanging florals, bushy shrubs and an antique fountain all conspire to make this intimate nook a fairly land for couples. Learn more about River Oaks Garden Club: Forum of Civics »

Dates to Avoid

  • Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Feb. 27 to March 18, 2018: Drawing more than a quarter of a million people each year, the Houston Rodeo is an important annual event for the city and surrounding areas. While you don’t need to avoid the entire three-week period, be on the lookout for big days when congestion will peak.
  • Houston International Jazz Festival, August 2018: This tradition is nearly 30 years old and brings the world’s greatest jazz musicians to downtown Houston’s outdoor spaces. Expect traffic heading to downtown as well as a tougher time securing lodging for your guests this time of year.

Marriage License

Fortunately for couples planning weddings in Houston, a Texas marriage license isn’t difficult to obtain. Both parties will need a valid ID, like a drivers license, and no witness is needed. There is a mandatory 72-hour waiting period before the license is valid. The marriage license expires 90 days after its issued.

Houston & Southeast Texas Wedding Inspiration

Now to the fun part! Check out these beautiful weddings in Houston to inspire your trip down the aisle.