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Our best advice for creating the wedding of your dreams? Book the right vendor team who can help make it happen! But before you hit up the WeddingWire App to find your vendors on the go, make sure you’re armed with the following information that will help you narrow down the thousands of vendors in our catalog.

Creating a budget is usually one of the very first steps of wedding planning. While it might not be the most fun parts of planning, you’ll need to sit down with your future spouse, your parents, and/or whoever else might be helping to pay for the wedding and come up with a firm budget. Then, use WeddingWire’s Budget Tool to figure out how to divvy up your budget between all the different vendors.

Guest Count
While you don’t have to have an exact guest count at this early stage, you’ll want to have a tentative list and a pretty good estimate. So if you’re telling your vendors that you’re having 150 people, it’s fine if that number goes up to 160 or 170, but it shouldn’t change drastically to, say, 300 people.

Wedding Date
This is a biggie. You can’t book a vendor without knowing when your wedding is. And “sometime next April” doesn’t count. You need a firm date in order to make sure that your vendors are available and able to be part of your wedding.

The “Where”
You’ll, of course, need to know the city and state where you’ll wed, but traditionally, your date isn’t “set” until you’ve booked your venue. It’s best to make sure that your venue is completely booked (meaning, the deposit is in and the contract signed) before moving on to your other vendors.

Wedding Style
You don’t need to know your exact color palette right away, but you should at least have a few buzzwords that describe the general theme and feel you want for your wedding day. Are you thinking “rustic and relaxed” or “formal and glamorous”? Those adjectives will help potential vendors get a sense of your personality and be able to visualize your wedding.