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Engaged You vs. Regular You

Once you slip that ring onto your finger, you might catch yourself doing things that are a bit, um, unusual. Meet "engaged you".

funny engagement memes

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things that will ever happen in your life, but it also might bring out a new side of yourself as you’re navigating the world of wedding planning. These funny engagement memes prove that “engaged you” and “regular you” can be two very different people — and that’s totally okay! So if you find yourself doing new or crazy things that your pre-engaged self never would have dreamed of (like stalking a random couple’s wedding pictures that you found on Pinterest), fear not. We’re all in this together.

These 20 funny engagement memes are so relatable — meet “regular you” vs. “engaged you”.

Wearing White Attire

Regular you: “OMG. White clothes were a bad choice…again.”
You don’t bother buying anything white because it’s unlikely to even survive your morning commute.

Engaged you: “I’m a bride-to-be! White dresses and tiaras are acceptable for ALL occasions, amiright?”
NOTHING can stop you from wearing white — it’s your new favorite color.

Getting Dressed Up

Regular you: “Uggghhhh, dresses.”
From shaving your legs to keeping it under control at the slightest breeze, there’s just far too much work involved when it comes to wearing a dress.

Engaged you: “I am my wedding dress. My wedding dress is me. I am NEVER taking this thing off.”
You found The One and it makes you feel so #flawless that you want to rock it all day, every day.

Being Hit On in Public

Regular you: *unwanted suitor approaches* “Can I buy you a drink?”
There’s always that one person who won’t take a polite “no thanks” for an answer, so the only thing left to do is run.

Engaged you: “Check the ring.”
You now have a legitimate excuse to stop talking and walk away without an explanation.

Getting Manicures

Regular you: “I have gremlin hands, but I’m just going to roll with it and hope that no one notices.”
You can’t remember the last time it was actually worth your time or money to get regular manicures.

Engaged you: “My nails are so on point right now. I should really be a hand model.”
The people at the nail salon know you by name because you’re there at least once a week. No way are you getting caught flaunting your engagement ring without a fresh mani.

Hosting Friends and Family

Regular you: “I hope they like beer and pizza.”
The only get-togethers you host are to binge-watch TV with your friends. You have no idea how much food to buy for a party, or how to figure out what type of drinks everyone will like or how to make your grandmother’s famous chocolate chip cookies.

Engaged you: “YES! I finally have an excuse to use my fancy registry gifts and show everyone that I can totally nail this whole domestic thing.”
You find reasons to host parties all the time and secretly can’t wait for your guests to ask you how the wedding plans are going. Whipping up a "quick meal" consists of roasting vegetables and baking homemade flatbreads. Hosting a three-course Sunday brunch is no inconvenience at all because YOU’RE ENGAGED SO WHY NOT.

Working Out

Regular you: “I deserve to treat myself by not going to the gym.”
Sure, you’re paying an arm and a leg for your monthly membership, but what’s the point of working out if it feels like self-torture?

Engaged you: “Sweating for the wedding? I invented that saying.”
The only way you’re missing a session with your personal trainer is if the world ends. Must. Look. Fabulous.

Going to Wineries/Restaurants/Anywhere Cool

Regular you: “All of my favorite places have been taken over by engaged people.”
If you’re single, surrounding yourself with lovebirds is the LAST thing you feel like doing, and if you’re waiting for a proposal, seeing all of the already-engaged couples drives you crazy.

Engaged you: “Welcome to the Engaged Couples Club.”
You befriend other engaged and/or married couples and spend your weekends looking fresh and hanging out at wineries, concerts, sporting events, etc. Plans typically involve taking cute pictures of each other and dishing about your wedding drama, then going home with your fiancé(e) and discussing why your wedding will be the best out of everyone's.

Following a Beauty Regimen

Regular you: “What is a chemical peel?”
You know the beauty basics, but you don’t feel the need to go overboard with products and treatments that might not even work.

Engaged you: “I’ve started taking probiotics, multivitamins, skin supplements, hair supplements, and collagen boosters. I get regular facials and trim my hair every six weeks. My Sephora VIB points have tripled.”
Nothing is left to chance when it comes to your pre-wedding beauty treatments. You’re on top of your skincare routine, sleep schedule and diet to ensure that you are glowing like the sun on your wedding day.

Attempting Do-It-Yourself Projects

Regular you: “My knitting phase was fun while it lasted, but let’s be real.”
Surprisingly, your parents were okay with never receiving those handmade scarves you promised them.

Engaged you: “I just spent the day going to every craft store in town searching for the perfect shade of blush ribbon.”
You are a crafting whiz. Your welcome bags and wedding favors are going to be absolutely PERFECT if it’s the last thing you do.

Talking to an engaged or recently-married person

Regular you: “Congrats! You’re so lucky you found each other!”
You keep it cordial but secretly wonder if they actually know what they’re getting themselves into.

Engaged you: “Tell me everything. I want to know your life story, your wedding budget, your honeymoon plans, and your opinions about cash bars.”
You’re in this together. They are your new best friend.

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