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Creative and Traditional Photographic Wedding Coverage

Erin Marie Photography provides creative and traditional photographic coverage of your special day.  Our mastery is with capturing true emotion and detail.  We view photography as an art and through art we tell your story.  Our coverage is unlike others in that most of our packages include two professional photographers.  We are members of both Professional Photographers Association of American and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International.

Our approach is simple and we do not try to dictate the flow of your day.  In fact, with the exception of our formal and creative photo sessions, we believe photography can better express subtle moments as they occur.  Our creative photographic sessions are tailored for each client.  From the most traditional photographs to the most contemporary, Erin Marie Photography adapts to your creative vision.

We offer free on-location engagement sessions to all our wedding clients.  We believe these sessions provide a great opportunity for our clients to get to know us as your selected photographers.  This also provides our clients the opportunity to validate the quality of our work as well as witness the passion we put into our profession.

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Carlos was the photographer at our wedding on 10/25/14. I cannot say enough positive things about his services. We just got our pictures back and they are fantastic. He earns the money you pay him. He hustled the entire night of our wedding and as a result got some amazing pictures. His prices are very reasonable and were sometimes half as much of other quotes we were getting. All in all we are very pleased with the pictures he took of our special night!

Profile Picture Katharine, 10/25/14, 5 Reviews
Category: Photography

Carlos was fantastic! I feel he went above and beyond to capture every moment and we received our photos back a few short weeks after the wedding. Carlos had a couple sneak peek pictures of us on Facebook within HOURS of leaving our wedding. That was incredible to wake up and be able to see a photo.

Profile Picture Kayla, 10/10/14, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

I cannot say enough great things about Erin Marie Photography. Carlos was amazing and he captured us and our day beautifully. Not only are the images gorgeous, Carlos really makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. On the day of the wedding he arrived early and immediately got to work on capturing every detail. After the wedding, we received our images super quickly and he was very responsive to all my questions. For anyone looking for a great wedding or event photographer, I recommend Erin Marie Photography!

Profile Picture Mukti, 9/27/14, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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Erin Marie Photography
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Erin is a very talented photographer and we love seeing her at Ostertag Vistas!


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