10 Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas

by Alex Merriman


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We’re all familiar with the typical “hit the town decked head-to-toe in pink bedazzled paraphernalia” bachelorette party scenario. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with going that route, it might not be for everyone. Straying from the cliche seems to have become the trend among modern brides. After all, being together and creating fun memories for the bride is what it’s all about. Tailor your bash specially for your guest of honor with these 10 unconventional bachelorette party ideas.

1. Get Competitive - Divide into teams and indulge in a little friendly competition! Organize a game day around whatever activity best suits your bride, whether that’s a beach volleyball tournament, a round of board games, or a “Minute to Win It” style challenge.

2. Go Glamping - Love the thought of sleeping under the stars but not exactly into roughing it? Scout out a luxury camping site where you can post up in an upscale airstream, a plush canvas tent, or a fancy furnished yurt.

3. Get an Adrenaline Rush - If you’re a thrill-seeking bunch, push the limits with an adventurous activity like a flying trapeze class, bungee jumping session, or skydiving outing.

4. Set Sail - Charter a sailboat, a yacht, or even a party pontoon! Hop aboard with a cooler and some good tunes and spend the day cruising, swimming, and sunning out on the open water.

5. Get Pampered - Book a few hours at a salon or day spa and indulge in some relaxing treatments like facials, pedicures, or massages. Or pop in to get your hair blown out and makeup done before heading out for the night as a fabulous looking group!

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6. Belt it Out - Karaoke is always a good idea. Head out for dinner and drinks and then take to the stage and serenade a crowd with endless renditions of your favorite songs!

7. Get Outside - If you’re working with an active bunch, take to the great outdoors for a nice long hike, bike ride, or kayak excursion. Don’t forget to pack a picnic!

8. Explore the City - Hire a limousine or a party bus and spend an afternoon and evening hopping between your hometown’s hotspots! Hit up the city’s best restaurants and bars and tour some local attractions. Create a fun itinerary that reflects the group’s interests and experience your own city in a whole new light.

9. Take a Class - Expand your skills with a fun class or a workshop! Go for something you’ve always been curious about and something everyone can have fun with. We love the idea of salsa dancing (or any dance class, really), floral arranging, or a guided wine tasting.

10. See a Show - Head to a comedy club for stand-up or improv, catch some live music, or check out your local performing arts theater to see if there’s a great performance in town.

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Posted on May 27, 2014