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Is it normal to not have so much wedding attention when you've just got engaged... I feel like no one ask about our plans, offers to help or anything about the wedding unless we bring it up. I just thought more people would be excited for us.

Married: 04/06/2013
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I know exactly how you feel! Thats just the way it one is as excited about your wedding as you are. Thats what drives us all to websites like this! If it is any consolation I am very excited for you and would love to hear about your plans, so start telling! Our date is set for January of 2013 so its fun to meet others getting married that year :)

Married: 04/06/2013
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Aw thank you so much :) That is exactly why I signed on to wedding wire. Our wedding date is 4-6-2013. Kind of nervous that it's the day before Easter.... Our colors are pink and gray and we have a venue. Thats about it lol :) I know I want to do alot of the directions and probably anything else I can.

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Agree with Mag..but when it starts getting closer people will care more

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I feel the exact same way!

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Yes its normal!! As Mags said its not as "exciting" to everyone else as it is to you unfortunately. It doesn't mean that ppl are excited for you it just means that they have other things on their minds besides your wedding. Don't take it personal because I kinda felt the same way a little at first. But to tell you the truth I don't like when ppl ask me "Hows everything going" all the time because they really don't wanna know my long list of plans, to do list, issues, and things that are stressing me...
Its nice to have ppl offer to help if they really come through but I have ppl offer to help with stuff and never bring it up again so I just don't mention anything anymore....its not a problem because that just means I can do things on my own time and not wait for anyone else. Its okay....thats why you have WW so that the ladies on here can give you the love and support you need!!!! :)

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Do you have pics of your venue? Looking at venues was my favorite part so far :) Thats a good start, you have a whole year!

Gonna B Mrs. B
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Raises hand I understand.

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Thanks ladies! It really helps having ya'll :) I don't have picture yet @mags.

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Mags said it best. people arent as excited! but dont take offense to it. totally normal. wedding is sooo much planning and people try to get away from it. they just get excited for your dress and the big picture but they dont wana help with the details

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Yeeah, I blame the movies for making everyone feel like they should have gaggles of excited friends and family offering to help with the wedding. Real life just doesn't work that way. Just like most real people can't afford to get married in some extravagant location that's all decked out if they're a teacher or any other middle class job portrayed in movies, real people's family and friends don't have the luxury of the time and money to shift their attention away from daily life onto someone else's wedding the way a lot of brides anticipate. Don't take it personally.

Mrs. D (formerly Tasha E)
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Lol, soo true Pan S. I see all these movies with the ceremony decorated with tons of flowers and I'm thinking. " yeah, right. That would cost a fortune"

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Don't take it too hard. I was a little disappointed when we got engaged because my own mother didn't seem very excited. The closer we get the more involved everyone wants to get. I even have an aunt who is bummed because nobody has given her a job to do and my mom is constantly asking me what else she can do and I *swear* the only conversations I ever have with friends and coworkers and classmates anymore is "How's the wedding coming? Are you excited? How many more days? Did you get your invites out? What does your dress look like?" and on and on an on... Honestly I would give anything to have a non-wedding related conversation with someone. It gets old repeating myself "Yeah it's going great. Yup it's coming up. It's in Indiana. June 16th. Yup." hahaha

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I'm sorry. Just be glad you're not me, my FH's mom keeps asking if I'm pregnant yet because she wants a grandchild. lol

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Hahaha! Tabatha, I can relate. Although she hasn't actually come out and asked if I'm pregnant. She's got four kids and FH is the youngest. His other siblings have been married and are done having kids. FH and I are her 'last hope' for more grandbabies. She makes little comments all the time like, "well you're my last hope for more." It's actually kind of funny.

In response to the OP, yes it's completely normal. Your wedding is still a year off. Honestly people aren't even thinking about it yet. Trust me, you'll miss this time later on when people are breathing down your neck with wedding questions.

Nicole S. (formerly Nicole C)
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I feel super awkward because there are a select few people who are EXTREMELY excited, and the people I thought that would be really happy and into planning aren't excited at all.

It's totally backwards in my mind... but I'm working with it lol

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I'm so happy that this thought has been posted. I feel the same way :( My bridal party isn't that involved either. To their credit though, my MOH is getting married in July so understandably she's got her own stuff to think about and my matron is a first time mom to a 6 month old challenging child! The last thing I want to do is come across as being selfish. I'm hoping that as the day gets closer they'll get more excited.

But Jesi H I don't need that much conversating about it! That's gonna get on my nerves too! LOL

Judy, once you start dressing shopping and people start crying when they see you in dress options, you definitely start to feel the love! Congratulations!

Andrea Ank.
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I dont know why people dont get more excited, it could be that we as brides want what the movies are showing? I know when someone tells me that they just got engaged, I ask a lot of questions lol.
I want them to know how excited I am about their big day, no matter how far out the date is.

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Sure, questions show interest but that's a mixed blessing too. When we were engaged, these 3 questions drove me insane:

1. When is the date?
People started asking within an hour from when we got engaged.

2. What are your colors?
Wait, I don't have a budget, guest list or the venue yet!!!

3. Are you excited?
No, I do this every day so who cares.

Married: 04/06/2013
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Lol thanks ladies. I feel better now. I just lost my mom 2 years ago and I feel if she were here she would be the most excited and calling me everyday :( I am glad though I have WW to turn to though ha!
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