Post wedding transportation?
I'm trying to figure out what the etiquette is for transportation after our reception. Most of our wedding party is from out of town (the bridesmaids are all within driving distance and a few of the groomsmen are flying). There will be a complimentary hotel shuttle picking people up from the reception, but it only seats 9 and there will be a few other guests staying at the hotel. We were considering going to a nearby bar afterwards (less than a mile away), but of course nobody is required to come. Am I required to provide transportation for the wedding party, or are they basically on their own? What about ushers? Since most of our bridal party is married/engaged, the head count would be 20 people.

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Well your not required. I would not want them driving if they got rental cars. Is there a taxi near? Or can the shuttle make more than one trip?

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Oh yes, the shuttle will run all evening. And yes there are a few taxi options.

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I have been in many weddings, the bride and groom have never paid for my transportation from the reception.

If they are drinking they shouldn't be driving and as an adult they shoudl know that, not your problem. They can factor in how much a taxi costs. If you want to be really nice you can give them each a $20 cab voucher or $20 in with their gift with a note that says for tonights cab.

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@WasSoon2BMrsSmith: Thank you! You've made me feel so much better. You're right. And our bridal party are all very understanding, I'm sure they don't expect anything. And vouchers are a great idea! Thanks!
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We have done many weddings here at our venue. The ones that have served alcohol about 80-90% were concerned with how their guests got home safely. If your wedding party was shuttled into the venue, it is really nice of you to be concerned about them...and make sure that they get a safe ride home.

We had a very noisy reception, that police were waiting on the street in front for people to leave. The last thing you want is a family member, bridal party member or guests getting a DUI or worse.

You may not be required to provide them transportation...but it is not a bad idea.
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