Am I totally crazy?
So, I've been having mixed feelings about our photographers for a while. We did our engagement pictures with them, and they were nice, but not super original or amazing. He's been taking a while to contact me back about things and I just feel like our wedding isn't very big on their list of things to take care of. Anyways, there was this other photographer that I had been considering when we first booked, and her work is amazing and she has GREAT reviews on here. We ended up not meeting with her because the first time she could meet wasn't for a few weeks and we just wanted to get moving with our engagement pictures. I just checked her website and it appears that she has availability the day of our wedding and might actually be the same cost or cheaper than our original photographers! I just emailed her to check I crazy for doing this so close the wedding? I just feel like if I'm paying that much for photos, I want them to be what I want. :-/

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If you aren't going to be penalized too greatly, then definitely go with the second photographer. The rapport is so important with this detail.

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I think pictures are one of the most important things, because when the day is done thatas all you have to remember it by, and you want them to be amazing. Id say go for it.

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Pictures are a high priority for FH and I. If you were not satisfied with your engagement photos, you will not be satisfied with your wedding pictures. I would meet with the 2nd photographers. If she's available, I would hire her.

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I think I would make a call and see if you can switch as well. Who knows, maybe it will be even cheaper since its so close to the date and she isnt booked yet. If you went to a restaurant and the service and food was lacking, would you go back for another meal or try a new restaurant out?

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Agree with everyone else, photos are IMO the most important memory you will have of your wedding. I would definitely look at the other photographer, just remember you will probably forfeit your deposit of you switch photogs.

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Thanks girls! We set up a meeting with the new photographer for this week. When I looked into the pricing, even with losing our deposit, we can end up paying pretty much the exact same amount for everything. I think it will be worth it just to not have to worry about whether or not the photos will turn out the way I want them to :)

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I was in the exact situation. I didn't love our e-pics so I researched other photographers and found one that I loved. We ended booking the new one and its only about $300 more than what we would have paid. It's a lot less stressful not having to worry about your photographer so I didn't mind.

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Those were my thoughts exactly Amber!
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