Yes, I Take My Engagement Ring Off!

Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 08, 2011

Let me know how you feel about this one.

I waited a long time for my ring. A conservative estimate would put it at about six years. And I love it. When it came down to it, Apple Sauce got it right, selecting for me an Asscher-cut diamond, set between two baguettes in a white gold band. Unique but classic.

The Royal Asscher

Hello, beautiful.

Why such an unusual cut of diamond, you ask? Well, duh, for that very reason!

Full disclosure: My first job ever was at my uncle’s jewelry store, where I learned the ins-and-outs of the diamond industry. Every week I would see round brilliant diamond after round brilliant diamond come in for its pre-wedding polish, and I vowed that when I got engaged, I would have a ring unlike any other. Good work, fiance!

But now let me get a little controversial. While I love, love, love my ring, I don’t leave it on every second of my life. That’s right! I take it off! And you can’t stop me!

Because honestly, what’s the big deal? Just because I take the ring off doesn’t mean the marriage is! Like, I know the ring is a symbol of our everlasting commitment or whatever, but also, it’s a ring. Everyone needs to relax.

And now the pragmatic reasons: In those years working for my uncle at the jewelry store, I encountered every kind of engagement ring mishap possible. Cracked or missing stones, bent prongs, split shanks, you name it. One time we had to cut the ring off of a woman because it was cutting off her circulation.

And you know what the root of all those problems was? The bride-to-be never took her ring off. Not while she was sleeping (your fingers swell while you sleep, so that’s why your ring feels tighter in the morning); not while she was doing the dishes (bang, bang, bang against those hard pots and pans); not while she was getting dressed (snag a prong on that cable knit sweater—ruin the ring, ruin the sweater); not while she was gardening (nothing quite hinders a diamond’s shine like soil build-up).

So when people ask me why I take it off, I tell them this: The ring is a several-thousand-dollar investment, just like your wedding gown. Are you sleeping in that? Washing dishes in it? Gardening?

Didn’t think so.