Why You Should Go Tropical for Your Honeymoon

Posted by lfrazier on Dec 03, 2012

It’s sometimes said that a honeymoon destination doesn’t matter as much as the time you’ll spend together as a couple. While that’s true – to a point – the destination can make all the difference in the romance department. It also plays a huge role in memories you’ll bring home to cherish forever.

That’s why so many couples select tropical locales for their honeymoon escapes. Places like Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize and Tahiti are high on the list of places to spend the first few days as husband and wife.

Want to know why? Here are just a few good reasons why tropical settings make for stunning honeymoons:

  1. The scenery – There’s nothing quite like taking a long walk on a tropical beach as the sun sets over the horizon. The only thing that comes close is an adventure into a tropical forest or a hike up a volcanic mountain. In many tropical destinations, Mother Nature paints a landscape that’s just perfect for the romance you desire during your honeymoon getaway.
  2. The accommodations – When tropical destinations are on your list of places to go, you’ll find the selection of places to stay is amazing. In many of the world’s top destinations, you’ll find amazing five-star resorts that have every amenity imaginable. You’ll also find some destinations that boast their own unique hotels. Picture yourself, for example, staying at an over-the-water bungalow and waking up to the sound of waves gently lapping the beach. While these boutique hotels are “quirky” to some, they don’t skimp in the luxury departments. And they just can’t be beaten when it comes to romance or privacy.
  3. The things to do – Yes, of course, you and your honey will want to spend a whole lot of alone time on your first trip as a married couple. Even so, chances are pretty strong you’ll want to venture out of your room at least a few times. When you select a tropical destination, you won’t find a shortage of options for things to do when you head out. From the nightclubs of Mexico to the beautiful beaches of Tahiti, Belize and Coast Rica, there’s something for everyone in these destinations. Plus, if high adventure is your thing, most tropical destinations deliver. Mountain climbing, sky driving, zip-lining and white water rafting are all possibilities in many destinations.

If you’re ready for a honeymoon that won’t fail to deliver in the memory department, consider a tropical paradise for your destination of choice. To find out more about vacationing in warmer climates, just consult your honeymoon travel advisor.