Why False Eyelashes Make a Difference in Photos

Posted by jtrumpower on Jan 08, 2014

Guest Post by: Stacey Triplow, Beauty by Stacey

Photo: Jen Rodriguez Photography; Makeup Artist: Beauty by Stacey

When it comes to photography and makeup, there are tons of tips and tricks professional makeup artists can recommend. It’s no secret that photography has a tendency to lessen the vibrancy of makeup. So, the fix? Go a little heavier on the lipstick, blush or eyeshadow to ensure it still has that “pop.” But something that you might not realize are lashes, just like makeup, can easily go unnoticed if not properly looked after. Meaning, your lashes – even if you have the fullest set of lashes in the world – will still not translate as that in photos.

Think about it. Most of the photos you’ll get back from your photographer on your wedding day won’t be of your gorgeous face featuring your makeup. Most likely the photographer will be more interested in you, in your venue’s details, and a full length photo of you and your hubby. You should pay attention to those little things you call eye lashes, and the power they actually posses in photos, particularly taken farther away.

Properly curled and mascaraed false lashes will do wonders for your face. They will not only finish off a beautifully manicured bridal makeup application, but will also lend to a bright-eyed look. It allows you to look – and sometimes even FEEL – more awake than you really are!

Haven’t worn false lashes before? Don’t fret! There are tons of different types of lashes on the market nowadays from strips to individuals, mink to synthetic. Literally anything you can think of they probably already have, and depending on what you want to achieve will depend on what type of lash you’ll need.

In the end big, fluttery lashes have always been a trademark for women everywhere, and when it comes to your wedding day, what better way to impress your spouse-to-be than with luscious lashes.

Stacey Triplow | Owner, Beauty by Stacey

Stacey Triplow has been a makeup artist in and around the San Diego area for the past 9 years. Although she’s worked with many genres of makeup, she always found herself gravitating towards bridal makeup for real brides. Nothing gives Stacey greater satisfaction than working with brides on their big day and seeing their excitement at their transformation. Her inspiration is to enhance beauty naturally. She believes that beauty first comes from within and it’s my job to complete the picture by making my client feel beautiful on the outside.