Wedding Tasks you can Put Off (For Now)

Posted by csancho on Dec 21, 2012

Wedding planning seems to happen all at once – all of the decisions feel equally important and relevant when you’re first engaged. I’ve already talked a bit about what you should do first, but what about the other side of the wedding planning coin? What tasks can be delegated down or saved for later? Here’s a short list of worries and woes that you can put on the backburner:


Engagement Photos
Even though they’re called “engagement photos,” they don’t have to be planned and shot within the first few weeks of your engagement. The point of an engagement photo shoot is to showcase your relationship in clothes and an environment in which you feel comfortable (and, yeah, to show off your ring). Some couples choose to use these photos in their “save the dates” or wedding invitations, but by no means is that a requirement. If you’re already overburdened with other wedding issues (guest lists, venue bookings, etc), don’t feel that you have to squeeze a photo shoot in as well. Then again, if you could really use an afternoon of looking pretty and exploring your favorite park with your dog and your fiancé, go right ahead!


Gifts are fun and pre-planning gifts for your wedding can be just as fun, but as I’ve mentioned before – it can also take a lot out of you. Registering takes way more energy than you think, and registering too early can spell disaster for your “get it done early” plans. If you register more than a few months ahead of your invitations, you run the risk of items being discontinued and sets being broken up. My advice is to go through retailers’ websites, mark items that you’re interested in and know what you need for your home and put that list aside. Save the physical registration process for just a few months before the big day.


Planning Out your Bridal Party
One of the most important bits of advice you’ll hear from former overly-excited brides is this: don’t pick a bridal party too early. If you’re still more than a year away from your big day, keep your #1 pick for Maid of Honor under wraps. Relationships change, people move away or start all-consuming graduate degrees. While your bridal party technically has only one responsibility – showing up and wearing the dress – you want to be sure that the girls in your line are the girls you really want behind you on your wedding day. The same is true for groomsmen and the best man: just wait it out!