Wedding Invitation Reply Card, Pen Please

Posted by mmaxfield on Apr 28, 2010

Wedding guests, Unite! This is an easy, accurate primer on just how to fill out the reply card, in no time flat.


The reply card is to be filed out with a fountain, or ball point pen in black ink.

The “M_________” is followed by “r” as in “Mr.” Then list the wife as “Mrs.” followed by the full social name. In short, it reads, “Mr. and Mrs. James David Cunningham, IV” on the black line. If you are a doctor, then put a slash through the “M” and write Doctor in full.

If you have been asked to bring a date: “Mr. James David Cunningham, IV and guest.” Or, “Miss Sharon Elizabeth Cunningham and Escort.” If divorced or a widow, “Mrs. James David Cunningham, IV.”

The lines “____will attend” or “____will not attend” request that you check off the appropriate answer.

At times, a reply card may ask for additional information.

The line”_____ number attending”, calls for a numeric answer. Do not add any more guests than were listed on the inner envelope of the wedding invitation.

The line” ____Filet Mignon” or “____Dover Sole” is a request for your entree preference. Check your selection. Two or more guests, then put a numeric number in each box, “2 Filet Mignon” etc.


Most often, guests write a few loving words at the bottom of the card!

P.S. The socially correct time to reply is the day you receive the invitation, and no later than the third day!

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