Wedding Flower Trends from the World Floral Expo

Posted by jtrumpower on Apr 24, 2012

Guest Post By: Heather Thomas of HeatherLily Event and Floral Design, Cleveland, OH

In March, I had the opportunity to attend the World Floral Expo 2012 at the Javits Center in the Big Apple. Growers from all over 30 countries showcased their wares. The conference gave me an opportunity to scope out upcoming trends in flower varieties, and to meet the breeders, growers and floral transporters in person.

Here’s a quick recap on the flower varieties that are becoming the hot blooms in the global floral market:

*Carnation: Yes, I am being serious. The carnation is no longer a filler flower used primarily for standard funeral arrangements. The carnation is making a comeback just like Cher, Madonna, and Britney (and someone please help Christina, too!). Global breeders are creating new hybrid varieties every year. These varieties are more difficult to identify, but definitely unique and beautiful. Long live the hybrid carnation!

*Clematis: I nearly fell over and went to floral heaven when I met the master grower of long cut Clematis. Not only is it a beautiful bloom, but it’s quite hardy – it can last for 7-10 days out of the cooler. My head was spinning with future visions of: floral arbors, chuppahs, entrance pieces, and so much more!

*Ranunculus: Classic, timeless, and will not go out of style: The white ranunculus, which really is more of a blush shade, caught my eye and will continue to be on my floral radar for many years to come.

*Garden Rose: How many times will I stop in my Jimmy Choo tracks for a recent edition of the glamorous garden rose?  David Austin roses are the Chanel and the Valentino of garden rose varieties. Google it, and then you’ll see my comparison.

*Succulents:  These little and big beauties are becoming very popular because of their variety of color and design versatility.  They look great in bouquets, boutonnières, menu card accents, cocktail tables and more.

Texture, layers and color are certainly trending in floral design right now. Who wants an all-white rose bouquet today when you can have: “A hand-tied bouquet of fully bloomed white peonies, blush toned ranunculus, and champagne garden roses accented with a hint of muted grey dusty miller and mini succulents”?  My point is: Why pigeonhole your wedding flowers into one category, when there are so many varieties to play with! Think outside of the box, find a designer who is passionate and like minded, and you won’t be disappointed.

Heather Thomas | Florist

Heather Thomas the founder of HeatherLily Event and Floral Design in Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in designing events from conception to fruition and everything in between. Heather’s passion is creating amazing events on a weekly basis and is known for finding and creating emerging trends, and designing unique decor.